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50+ Unique Things You Can Only Do With Rank Math SEO

50+ Unique Things You Can Only Do With Rank Math SEO

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We’re often asked – “what makes Rank Math that much better than the competition?” – and the truth is, that’s a loaded question. Of course, we’re biased because anyone asking us is asking the team that’s dedicated to building the greatest technical & on-site SEO experience for hundreds of thousands of WordPress users.

So, we decided to put together a single post that we can reference whenever we’re asked – without further ado, let’s dive right into what objectively sets the Rank Math WordPress SEO plugin apart from the competition & the features you’ll love when switching over.

Disclaimer: These features were selected when comparing Rank Math to other popular WordPress SEO plugins. There is most certainly a chance that some separate – specialized SEO add-ons or plugins have one or more of these features.

There’s a lot of overlapping functionality between Rank Math and other SEO plugins out there, and that can make it quite hard to compare them and choose the tool that’s best for you. So, instead of trying to compare all tools side-by-side – we thought it makes more sense to showcase a few of the unique things you can only do with Rank Math:

Rank Math Analytics – Advanced Google Analytics Integration & More

Rank Math Analytics Dashboard

To get started, it only makes sense to kick things off with one of Rank Math’s most popular features – Rank Math Analytics.

Why? Honestly, we couldn’t have put it better ourselves than Jackie Chu (SEO @Uber Ex-@Square, @Dropbox) did. Our goal when building Rank Math Analytics in one word was simplicity.

We wanted to make keeping a pulse on the state of your site accessible to everyone with a WordPress website – track keyword rankings, know which posts need your attention, and more – all without having to be a data analyst or use complex software in an attempt to pull useful data out of the countless messy reports in Google Analytics and Google Search Console.

And purely based on the reactions we’ve seen from our user-base, it’s undeniably extremely exciting to see people sharing them using Rank Math Analytics in action – knowing that it’s yet another reason seasoned SEOs trust & rely on Rank Math for the sites they work on…

Powered by Google Analytics, Google Search Console, as well as Google AdSense data – Rank Math’s Analytics module, integrates this right into your WordPress dashboard to help provide granular insights.

Without further ado, let’s take a closer look at what you can do with Rank Math Analytics:

1 Analyze SEO Performance of Every Post & Page

And as you scroll down you’ll be able to view search traffic, impressions, clicks total keywords, click-through rates, average position, and more specifically for this individual URL in one easy-to-use report – followed by all of the keywords this piece of content is ranking in the top 100 for:

Rank Math Post/Page Analytics

2 See Top Winning/Losing Posts & Keywords

The Rank Math Analytics dashboard also shows you a brief overview of your top winning keywords, top losing keywords as well as a separate tab for the top winning & losing keywords that you’ve added to the rank tracker.


Being able to see your top winning keywords (i.e. those that have made their way up through search engine results) is extremely useful to know which content is performing really well so you can start digging deeper into why (and how to replicate this effect for your other content). While for your top losing keywords, this is a great indicator of the content that needs your attention since it’s dropped off in search results in the last 30 days.

Learn more about Rank Math’s top winning & losing keyword reports.

3 Keep Track of Position History

Track Position History

Subsequent to the above top winning & losing keywords report – you can also dive into a more detailed report that shows you everything including impressions, clicks, position, as well as position history for your content (i.e. both top winning & losing keywords as well as any keywords you’ve added to the rank tracker).

4 Rank Tracker for Important Keywords

Rank tracking software is extremely expensive — but it’s also absolutely essential to tracking your site’s performance and keeping tabs on the impact of your SEO & marketing efforts. This is exactly why Rank Math Analytics extracts data from Google Analytics and the Google Search Console to bring you the world’s most accurate rank tracking data out there (literally straight from the source) right into your WordPress admin dashboard…

Rank Tracker

5 SEO Reports Delivered to Your Inbox

When enabled, Rank Math Analytics can also deliver detailed SEO reports straight to your inbox to make keeping tabs on the performance of your websites (or delivering client reports) easier than ever & hands-off.

seo reporting via emails

Email Reports are available for all Rank Math users – with a wide range of additional benefits for Rank Math PRO & Business users. Learn more about Rank Math’s SEO Performance Email Reports here.

6 Google Algorithm Updates in Analytics Graphs

Rank Math is also integrated well with Google search updates timeline, so you can now stop doing the guesswork and evaluate how your website has performed after each algorithm update with the Analytics graphs without leaving WordPress.

Google Search Update in Rank Math Analytics

Rank Math PRO users can take advantage of this feature to monitor Google Algorithm updates and know what’s happening around in Google search, in essence — you get to know when to dive in and take action on improving your site’s SEO efforts.

Rank Math’s Advanced Schema Generator

Next up, our Advanced Schema Generator. Want to see it in action? Here’s our complete video walkthrough:

Now, let’s dive into some of the specific things only Rank Math’s Advanced Schema Generator can do:

7 Easily Import Schema via URL, JSON-LD Markup, or HTML Source

So, SEOs out there who already know what their Schema implementation should look like can start benefiting from Rank Math PRO right away, thanks to the Advanced Schema Generator.

But, what if you don’t or still do but just want to accelerate your workflow anyway? Well, Rank Math’s also still got you covered.

How? With 3 super simple ways to import structured data and use it on your site. Regardless of which method you choose to use, you are once again able to reap the benefits of Rank Math’s Advanced Schema Generator, which allows you to take full control of all of the values associated with the structured data you’ve just imported to adjust it to suit your site’s content.

Import Schema Rank Math

The first and easiest way to import Schema Markup is using the URL import option which – as the name suggests – just requires dropping in a URL and clicking import from URL, learn more here. And in no more than a few moments, Rank Math will automatically import the structured data from the webpage you’ve entered allowing you to edit and use it on your own website.

And, you can alternatively import Schema Markup by pasting the HTML source of the webpage with the structured data you want to use or by pasting the JSON-LD Markup itself directly as well…

8 1-Click Schema Validation w/Google’s Rich Results Testing Tool

Now that you already know how important having Schema Markup on the posts & pages of your site is – it’s important to emphasize that it has to be correct for you to reap the benefits.

That’s because the presence of wrong, incomplete, or inaccurate structured data would simply mean that Google won’t consider your content for rich results (or rich snippets). Fortunately, we built Code Validation right into Rank Math to avoid this – to validate the structured data of a page, simply open Rank Math’s Schema Generator and navigate to the Code Validation tab as shown below:

code validation tab

Here you’ll see the actual JSON-LD code you’ve added to the HTML source of this page.

Code View In Schema Validation Options

And, as you can see on the top right here, you have two extremely convenient buttons – clicking the copy button, as you might’ve guessed, simply copies the code to your clipboard. However, clicking the Test with Google button will open Google’s Rich Results Testing Tool in a new tab with the JSON-LD markup already pasted in ready to be tested.

Test with Google

Rank Math pastes the code into the tool and not the URL of the page because if the page you’re adding Schema on is not live, then the test won’t work. If everything validates and passes the tests, this is what you should see:

Google Rich Results Testing Tool Results

This saves users tons of time jumping back and forth between tabs and encourages that they actually check their markup every single time they make a change as opposed to making a change and realizing 4 months later that they haven’t earned the rich snippet because something was wrong.

9 Automatic Video Schema Generation

Rank Math is the only WordPress SEO plugin to offer built-in Video SEO functionality that doesn’t involve purchasing, let alone even installing yet another unnecessary extension.

Straight out of the box, taking full advantage of your video content with structured data and video sitemaps couldn’t be easier than it is with Rank Math.

Video Schema Example Rank Math

But what if you run an existing site with a large amount of video content across hundreds, if not thousands of pages. Evidently, adding structured data the normal way isn’t going to cut it. Fortunately, Rank Math is here to the rescue once again – with its built-in option to generate & automatically apply Video Schema.

Yup, Rank Math PRO even has a built-in feature to Generate Video Schema for Old Posts/Pages, available in the WordPress admin area. Just navigate to Rank Math’s Status Page by heading to Rank Math > Status & Tools.

Generate Video Schema for Old Posts/Pages

Upon clicking Generate, it’ll get to work by scanning your site segments where the Auto Detect video option is enabled. And it will also add all relevant posts (that now also have Video Schema) to your website’s Video Sitemap

Auto Detect Video

10 Choose From Over 20 Schema Markup Types

Rank Math’s Schema Generator has out-of-the-box support for over 20 of the most popular Schema Markup types that you can apply to posts and pages:

Schema Markup Types

And, of course, it doesn’t stop there. With Rank Math PRO, you can also apply the “About” and “Mentions” Schema to any of the links on your site:

About & Mention Schema

Learn more about “About” & “Mentions” Schema Markup here.

11 Advanced Schema Generator

Rank Math’s Advanced Schema Generator makes it extremely easy to add multiple Schema Markup types to your posts and pages. And, to make the process of adding custom schema to the pages easier than ever, we created Rank Math PRO‘s Advanced Schema Generator.

Advanced Schema Generator

This works perfectly in conjunction with Rank Math’s 11th unique feature – Schema Templates, which make setting conditions to reuse structured data implementations extremely easy…

12 Schema Templates for Automation

Schema Templates tab

Website owners that run large sites know that managing Schema Markup and making changes when requirements change can be tough. Rank Math, once again steps in to fill this gap with the help of Schema Templates. On their own, they’re incredibly powerful because they let you create reusable Schema Templates that you can store in your library and reuse whenever you create a new page.

So you can create a few templates for the types of content you create and always just reuse them. But, when Schema templates are paired with Rank Math’s Conditional Schema Markup functionality – this becomes even powerful – allowing you to automate the structured data implementation for sites on a massive scale.

13 Conditional Schema Markup

A large part of what makes Rank Math’s Advanced Schema Generator and Schema Templates incredibly useful is the ability to automate their use across your website by taking advantage of Display Conditions.

Display Conditions

Learn more about using display conditions for Rank Math’s Schema Markup module.

14 Multiple Location Schema on Any Page (Gutenberg Block/Shortcode)

Once entered using Rank Math’s Schema Builder, it’s also extremely easy to add your Local Business Information to your website via a Gutenberg block or alternatively a shortcode. This means that adding the information shown in your Schema Markup implementation to the frontend of your site (as is recommended/advised) couldn’t be easier, especially when your Local Business has multiple locations

LocalBusiness Schema

Learn more about how to display Local Business information on your website including Schema Markup with Rank Math.

Automate & Improve Your Workflow

Largely based on feedback we’ve been hearing from our users since the launch of Rank Math as well as Rank Math PRO – is that a big part of what sets Rank Math apart isn’t just the presence of functionality that lets them do things that they otherwise wouldn’t be able to do. It’s also about how.

And our goal has always been to make your workflow, your experience with WordPress SEO as easy and enjoyable as possible so being good at it is easier.

15 Export and Import SEO Meta – Make Changes at Scale

Anyone who’s worked on a sizable website, think over 50-100, or even thousands of pages knows that doing so can get messy really fast. That is only if you lack the proper tools and workflow which fortunately isn’t the case with Rank Math PRO.

16 Automate Image SEO

Automate Image SEO

Although we highly recommend adding missing alt text & image titles individually, the reality is that in most cases, website owners do not do this for every single image on their websites. Fortunately, with Rank Math, until you do so, the values are dynamically populated based on the focus keyword(s) you’ve entered for your post…

Learn more about adding missing alt attributes with Rank Math.

17 Advanced Filtering for Images

Advanced Filtering for Images

Rank Math adds additional filtering options to the WordPress media library so it’s extremely easy to navigate and view the images that require your attention (to easily add image alt text and titles)…

18 Watermark Your Images

With Rank Math PRO, adding watermarks to your social sharing images is extremely easy – and can be done by navigating to Rank Math SEO → Titles & Meta → Custom Image Watermarks as shown below:

Watermark Your Images

Learn more about how to watermark your social sharing images in WordPress.

19 Advanced Post Filtering

Advanced Post Filtering

When viewing the list of posts or pages in your WordPress admin area (as shown above), Rank Math also adds additional filtering options so that it’s extremely easy to jump to posts with certain characteristics (i.e. whether they have a poor SEO score, no focus keyword set, a custom canonical URL and more)…

20 Bulk Actions (Quickly Index, Noindex, Redirect)

Bulk Actions

With Rank Math’s quick actions, you can bulk select post to noindex, index, nofollow, remove custom canonical URLs, redirect them all and more all without having to spend ages jumping back and forth the editing screens for every single one of the posts or pages…

21 Quick Edit Your Content’s SEO Meta

But it doesn’t stop there — Rank Math is built to suit your workflow which is why you can also quick edit all of your SEO meta from the WordPress posts or pages area in your admin dashboard as shown below:

Rank Math Quick Edit SEO Meta

Spend less time on the tedious work so you can focus more time on what matters — like your overall SEO strategy and implementation with Rank Math.

22 Automatically Flush Facebook Thumbnails

Normally, if you update your content’s featured images – you have to wait until Facebook automatically re-fetches the image from your site which can take a few days or clear their cache by using the Facebook Sharing Debugger tool. Obviously, neither of these are ideal – so with Rank Math, you can automate this process to automatically clear Facebook’s image cache for that URL so that people start seeing the updated OG:image as soon as possible.

23 Open External Links in New Tabs

Link Settings

It’s becoming more and more common for websites to set all external links to open in a new tab (or window) so that additional resources don’t result in visitors bouncing from your webpage immediately. And it also makes for a better experience as users no longer have to hit the back button every single time they open a resource that they want to reference later on.

Manually changing the setting on every single external link on your site to open in a new tab would be tedious and unnecessary, but thanks to Rank Math, it couldn’t be easier to do so with a single click.

Open External Links in New Tab/Window

24 Nofollow External Links

Nofollow External links

You can also easily apply the rel="nofollow link attribute to all or a specific set of domains on your website using Rank Math – and the options for image file links, nofollow domains list, and a nofollow domains exclusions list.

Note: We recommend using this functionality carefully as it isn’t advised/convention for websites to Nofollow all external links.

25 `Noindex` Paginated, Archive, Search Result Pages

Rank Math adds rel="next" and rel="prev” tags for your paginated series as per Google’s guidelines that can help the search engines to understand the relationship between the individual URLs in a paginated series.

However, if you wish to prevent these paginated pages like /page/2 and others from appearing in SERPs, you can easily set the Noindex Paginated Pages with the help of Rank Math. Let us now look at exactly how you can do this…

Learn more about how to Noindex paginated, archive, and search results pages.

26 Instant Indexing

Bing Instant Indexing

Making sure that search engines like Google & Bing are indexing your content is the first step towards driving organic traffic. Because when content isn’t properly indexed, let alone indexed at all – there’s no way it can rank. And if it never ranks, you’ll never reap the benefits of organic traffic from search.

So, to help website owners overcome this – Rank Math has a built-in module to support Instant Indexing via IndexNow API. So you can finally stop worrying about ensuring that search engines always index the latest versions of your content as quickly as possible. Learn more about Google’s Instant Indexing API as well as Bing’s Instant Indexing API here. 🕷

27 Native Integrations with Both Divi & Elementor

Whether you use Divi or Elementor (more page builders underway), Rank Math natively integrates them with nothing extra to install or configure to get both plugins working together.

You see, page builders are exceptional at what they were built for. Building beautiful websites visually.

But, anyone who’s ever used Divi or Elementor can tell you that the SEO & content workflow isn’t quite as intuitive as it could be. The same exceptional experience isn’t something that sounds familiar when thinking about how page builders can decouple your workflow. With other SEO plugins out there, you’d typically only be able to adjust the SEO settings for a post or page by jumping between multiple browser tabs.

Not with Rank Math. This disconnect disjoints the experience and makes SEO (an important part of the web design process) more time-consuming and tedious than it needs to be. And that’s why we officially integrate with both Divi & Elementor right out of the box for a truly unmatched WordPress SEO experience!

The days of having to refresh the default WordPress editing screen to make any changes to your SEO settings and then refresh the visual editor are finally gone.

28 Internal Role Manager

Rank Math Role Manager

With Rank Math’s built-in role manager — you can take full control of all of the actions & settings that every user role on your site has access to (and can modify). No need to install and tinker with yet another 3rd party permissions plug-in to get it working with Rank Math.

29 Built-in Google Trends Insights

Seeing Google trends data for all variations of your focus keywords is very easy with Rank Math. This feature helps you shortlist a focus keyword or a set of focus keywords you should be targeting to get the highest exposure in Google’s search results.

Rank Math Google Trends

30 Site Audit with 29 Automated Tests

Rank Math can run a site audit with 29 automated tests to help you identify what you can & should be focusing on to improve the performance of your website.

To learn more about how it works and how you can take advantage of this free built-in testing tool – check our full walkthrough here:

31 Import Redirections from CSV files

Making changes to your site’s architecture is difficult enough, let alone when you don’t have the tools to make it easy.

Rank Math’s built-in redirections module allows you to easily import redirections from CSV files meaning that you can easily create and apply redirects in bulk by using Excel or Google Sheets to create them and simply importing them directly into Rank Math’s redirection module as shown below:

Import & Export Redirections

Countless users benefit from this functionality when performing anything from a permalink change (which were once complicated to execute) all the way to advanced eCommerce site migrations or eCommerce product management where keeping control of each individual redirect (for discontinued products, etc.) is extremely important…

32 One-Click Redirections for 404s

1-Click Redirects for 404 pages

Regardless of whether it’s from Rank Math’s built-in 404 monitor, or when you land on a 404 page as you browse your own website, implementing a redirect is no more than a single click away.

1 Click Redirect Example

33 Monitor Search Performance of All Your Sites

Monitor Site Search Performance

For quick access, you can easily use your Rank Math Account Area to access a brief overview of all of your analytics – comparing the performance with the previous time period to get a quick understanding of whether your efforts are having a positive impact or not. These metrics are the same as those shown in Rank Math > Analytics in your WordPress admin area on each individual site.

34 Everything in a Single Package

Not every website needs everything, that’s no secret.

For example, if you’re not running a local business – you may not need Rank Math’s Local SEO module enabled to make it easy to add LocalBusiness Schema Markup to your pages. In our opinion and based on what we’ve heard from our users – nobody wants to be forced to install, see and not use a whole range of features just because they’re bundled with the entire package. But on the other hand, nobody wants to have to install dozens of extensions if you decide you do want certain features at some point.

And that’s why when we built Rank Math – we took the modular approach, meaning that you really do get the best of both worlds in that you can easily install/enable any of the modules of your choosing by navigating to Rank Math → Dashboard:

Rank Math Dashboard

Our plugin – your choice, your features, and your website.

We support open-source software for a reason and that’s partly because we believe in software that’s designed to be extensible & work well with other software without forcing people to use certain features. So we built Rank Math on this vision of giving our users the control to configure the plugin how they want, for their sites.

35 Easy/Advanced Mode

Advanced Mode

And, beyond that – Rank Math’s Easy & Advanced Mode is also perfect when providing clients access to sites so that they aren’t overwhelmed by the number of options or have access to certain areas where you’ve configured settings that they may not understand…

WooCommerce SEO

SEO for eCommerce websites is not only slightly different from SEO for other blogs, and business websites but there are also a ton of businesses who have recently transitioned their in-person storefronts online using WooCommerce’s powerful solution – so we put together an incredibly detailed guide on WooCommerce SEO covering the entire setup process & what to focus on here.

But now, let’s focus on WooCommerce SEO functionality that’s unique to Rank Math.

36 Remove WooCommerce Product and Category Base

With Rank Math, you no longer need to install yet another one-trick plugin to take care of something which is very common for eCommerce store owners to want to do – remove their product and category bases.

Remove WooCommerce Category/Product Base

Simply put – by default, WooCommerce appends /product-category/ before the actual category appears in your permalink which is undesirable in most cases as removing it makes the URL structure cleaner, easier to read and looks nice in SERPs.

So instead of having a long, ugly permalink like this:


With Rank Math, your URLs can look like this:


37 Add Custom Brands to Products

WooCommerce Custom Brands

Selling your own products, under your own brand? That’s an amazing feat already, so not being able to configure your brand name to appear in structured data causing Missing Field ‘Brand’ warnings to appear when you test your product’s pages with Google’s Rich Results Testing Tool isn’t ideal. When editing the Schema Markup for your whole store’s products or individual products, Rank Math lets you automatically configure how you wish the Brand value to be set – as shown below:

Custom Brand Example

In short, meaning that you can go from this:

Invalid Product Schema

To this, in a matter of minutes with Rank Math:

Valid Product Schema with Rank Math

38 Global Identifier Like GTIN/MPN (even to Variations)


Global Trade Item Numbers are used as identifiers for trade items. They’re used to identify products in a database that correspond with the same product present in another database.

And with Rank Math, this couldn’t be easier to do – finally ditch the Google Search Console warnings or errors in Google’s Rich Results Testing tool by adding your GTIN, MPN, and ISBN numbers.

Learn more about Global Identifiers (GTIN/MPN) & how to add them to your WooCommerce products here…

39 NoIndex Hidden Products

You may not want every single one of your store’s products to be publicly accessible – or maybe you want to launch it to a smaller community first.

Well, before Rank Math you’d have to tinker with code to noindex hidden products in WooCommerce. But now, when the Noindex Hidden Products feature is enabled (accessible under Rank Math SEO → General Settings → WooCommerce) Rank Math will automatically Noindex product pages when they are hidden from the WooCommerce catalogue.

NoIndex Hidden Products

Content AI

Writing content is a creative task for a website owner; if it doesn’t rank well on search engines and reach the right audience, it’s worthless.

So how you’re planning to reach the right audience? Isn’t it good to have a personal writing assistant that is worth your time to assist in making your content SEO optimized?

Meet your personal writing assistant, Rank Math’s Content AI. Our Content AI is designed to make the most of artificial intelligence in your WordPress content creation process.

To start with Rank Math’s Content AI, you first need to enable the Content AI module. 

Navigate to Rank Math SEO → Dashboard → Modules inside your WordPress admin area. From the list of available modules, enable the Content AI module as shown below.

Content AI module

Our Content AI allows you to access 40+ AI tools to craft compelling and SEO-friendly content more efficiently and effortlessly than ever.

Rank Math Content AI

Content AI integrates with your preferred WordPress editors, including Block EditorClassic EditorElementor, and Divi.

Alternatively, you have the option to utilize our specialized Content Editor, where you can both write and optimize your content using all our AI-powered tools conveniently located in a single interface.

Content Editor

Subscribe to a Content AI plan of your choice and get started right away.

Learn more about our Content AI here.

Now, let’s take a closer look at what you can do with Rank Math’s Content AI.

40 Research Keywords With Content AI

Within the Content AI panel, under the Research tab, you can search for your focus keyword or input a new keyword for research purposes.

Research tab in Content AI

Upon clicking the Research button, Rank Math will promptly request our AI server to analyze the keyword. In just a short span of time, you’ll discover the resulting data accessible right within your Content AI panel.

41 Write With Content AI

Our Content AI module makes it extremely simple to write your content within a fraction of a second. You need to enter short instructions, set the content tone, provide focus keywords, and define content length to direct Content AI for generating accurate content for you. 

Write with Content AI

42 AI Tools

Rank Math Content AI 2.0 is upgraded with over 40+ AI tools. These tools are designed to accelerate the creation of various types of content.

You now have specialized tools at your disposal for crafting content for blog posts, enhancing older posts, generating social media content, creating marketing content, and much more.

Content AI tools

43 RankBot

RankBot is a helpful chatbot friend that can assist you in researching topics to achieve your marketing goals.

It speeds up the process of finding important information for your articles, making it easier for you to write more efficiently and stay organized.

You can type in some text or choose from pre-set questions, and RankBot will provide you with all the important info you need on that topic.


44 Prompts Library

Prompts Library in RankBot is a collection of professionally curated 125+ prompts you can use to create your content with creativity in a few clicks. Apart from that, you can set the custom prompts for future use, saving you time and increasing your productivity.

Prompts Library

45 Command Center

Our Content AI module offers a dedicated Command Center within your Block Editor to modify the existing content that you already have on your blog. 

The Command Center can be accessed by clicking the Content AI icon in the WordPress Editor and Rank Math’s Content AI Editor. 

Command Centre

And, so much more…

46 Supports bbPress and BuddyPress SEO

When enabled, Rank Math’s dedicated BuddyPress module makes your forum more SEO-friendly by adding proper meta tags to all forum pages – including adding Q&A Schema Markup to pages automatically.

47 Built-In Version Control – Rollback or Try Beta Versions

There’s nothing like updating a whole bunch of plugins and themes and not being able to roll back to a previous version when trying to debug an issue that’s affecting your site. With Rank Math, this is built right into your WordPress admin area. To roll back to a previous version, simply navigate to Rank Math > Status & Tools in your WordPress admin area as shown below:

Status & Tools

Then simply select the version you’d like to rollback to and click Install Version 1… as shown below:

Rank Math Rollback/Version Control

Learn more about Rank Math’s built-in version control here.

48 Podcast 

Google features podcasts in the search-rich results because it recognizes their potential. Use the opportunity to position yourself as a unique voice in the search engine results and drive more listeners to your podcast.

Rank Math has great news for you to take advantage of this opportunity. Rank Math’s Podcast Module is specially designed for dedicated podcasters like you to reach your target audience.

Podcast module

You can refer to our blog post to optimize your podcast for SEO.

49 Index Status

It is important to keep track of your page’s index status. To ease this gripe, keep an eye on Rank Math’s Index Status to see which pages are excluded, successfully indexed, redirected, and more.

index status

50 Google Analytics 4 Integration

Google Analytics introduced the GA4 version as far the most intelligent version using advanced machine learning to provide more accurate and complete data about users’ interactions with your website.

Rank Math offers complete integration of Google Analytics 4 in its latest version.

Connect your website with Google Analytics 4 using Rank Math easily.

51 Schedule a Redirection

With Rank Math’s Scheduled Activation and Scheduled Deactivation, you’ll no longer have to set yourself a reminder for redirection.

You can easily set the date to activate the redirects and deactivate the redirects respectively in advance so you can focus on your more important tasks.

schedule a redirection

Learn more about Rank Math’s Scheduled Activation and Scheduled Deactivation features.

52 Analytics Stats Bar

Frontend Analytics Stats Bar

We’re on a mission to make everything easy and simple for our users. Now, without switching between tabs, you can get an overview of the content’s performance.

Rank Math shows an overview of data from Google services through the fronted Analytics Stats Bar to analyze a specific post performance on search engines without switching between tabs. This incredible Analytics Stats Bar is displayed on your post page and shown to administrators only.  

For more information, refer to our dedicated KB article How to Display Analytics Stats in Frontend.

53 Recalculate the SEO Score

If you’re migrating to Rank Math SEO, a warm welcome to you in the Rank Math SEO family🙏. And now, it’s our great privilege to help you import all your data to Rank Math SEO for better search visibility.

Our Recalculate SEO Score allows you to recalculate and update the SEO score without opening the post manually. Now save more time creating compelling content to attract more visitors to your website.

update SEO Scores

Summary – People Are Enjoying Rank Math & You Can Too

We’re pleased that you made it to the end of this post & hope you’ve found it useful in objectively evaluating what sets Rank Math and Rank Math PRO apart.

If you haven’t already taken it for a spin on one of your sites, now’s never been a better time to get started. We’ve really only just begun to scratch the surface – there’s a lot more that makes Rank Math unique.

For starters, we haven’t even mentioned our commitment to offering incredible support to both our paying and free users across the board as well or how Rank Math’s modular development approach means you can easily enable and access what you need (when you need it, without being forced to install a separate extension for everything).

If you have absolutely any questions before you get started with Rank Math or Rank Math PRO – we’re here to help. You’re always more than welcome to Tweet at us on Twitter (we’re @rankmathseo) or reach out to our support team.

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