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About and Mentions Schema

In this knowledgebase article, we’ll be covering the importance of About & Mentions Schema Markup Type — a feature that is available to Rank Math PRO users & completely unique to the Rank Math

About Schema

When you wanted to inform search engines of the page’s main topic, you can mark up links inside your content with About Schema.

For instance, if you have a page on ‘Which is the best electric car of the year?’ — you can mark up a link to the Wikipedia page on the electric car with About Schema since it is an informative resource on the parent topic.

About Schema Example

Mentions Schema

While About Schema refers to the page’s actual topic, Mentions Schema is used to mark up links inside your content to point to the page’s related topics (not necessarily refer to the page’s actual topic).

Following up on the same example we discussed earlier, for the Mentions Schema — you can markup reference links to a related topic, say electric vehicles, and the different electric car models you’ve included inside the article.

Mentions Schema example

PRO TIP: When using About and Mentions Schema, we recommend using links to authoritative pages like Wikipedia and official website links, as search engines have a better understanding of these pages’ topics and could relate to your content a lot better.

How to Add About & Mentions Schema to Pages PRO

Before we begin, please ensure that Rank Math’s Schema Module is enabled on your website by navigating to Rank Math > Dashboard in your WordPress admin area.

1 Edit Your Post or Page

To add the Mentions & About first head over to the edit page for that post, by clicking Edit as shown below:

Click on Edit

Add a link to your text in the post.

Add a link

3 Enable the About & Mention Option

Firstly, click on the link. Then click on the down-arrow located at the right-hand side of the box. Depending upon the context, enable the about and mention option located in the Use in Schema Markup.

Enable the about and mentions schema

Then, simply update the page as you normally would after making a change or click Publish if this is a newly created page. You can then check your Schema with the help of Google’s Rich Results Testing Tool.

And, that’s it! If you have absolutely any questions on About and Mentions Schema – feel free to reach out to our support team, we’re always more than happy to help.

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