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How to Use Content AI for Free

Our Content AI is directly integrated within your WordPress Editor, providing advanced suggestions for your content, headings, or meta tags, allowing you to create an SEO-friendly article.

But that’s not all – our Content AI goes beyond by offering access to over 40 AI tools. These tools are designed to help you create and enhance your content, which takes just a few seconds.

How to Use Content AI for FREE Forever

In this knowledgebase article, we’ll guide you through the features available to free users, ensuring you make the most out of your 750 monthly credits. You just need to create a free Rank Math account, connect your website with the account & then refresh Content AI credits.

To refresh your Content AI credits, navigate to Rank Math SEO → General Settings → Content AI from your WordPress dashboard and refresh the credits, as shown below.

Refresh Content AI credits

While some advanced features are reserved for premium users, you’ll still find valuable tools to enhance your content creation experience.


RankBot allows you to assess the effectiveness of your content in search engine results. Free users can engage in a single RankBot session.

You can write prompts to ask RankBot any question related to your topic, and it will provide you with relevant and reliable answers.


Click here to learn all about RankBot, Chat Sessions & more →

Generate SEO Meta Title & Description

Rank Math incorporates Content AI to streamline the creation of compelling meta titles and descriptions. You can create compelling meta titles and descriptions and insert them into your post with a few clicks.

Generate SEO meta title and description

Content AI Meta Box

Content AI metabox includes Write mode, AI tools, RankBot, and Research options. You can provide the writing instructions in the Write mode of the Content AI metabox, and our Content AI will generate the content as per your preferences.

Content AI metabox

Content AI Assistant

The Content AI Assistant is your go-to tool for generating creative and informative content. As a free user, you can access a wide range of AI-powered content creation options.

AI Assistant

You can use Content AI inside your favorite WordPress Editors like Block EditorClassic EditorElementor, and Divi.

Learn more about using our Content AI Assistant here.

Command Editor

In addition to AI tools for content creation, our Content AI introduces the Command Center, which is integrated into both the Block Editor and Content Editor.

This feature makes it effortless to optimize and enhance your existing content, addressing issues like grammar, crafting analogies, and more.

Improve with Command editor

Image Alt Text with Content AI

You can also utilize Content AI to generate alt texts for images in your WordPress Block Editor and Classic Editor. This feature ensures that all images in your editor have their alt texts and optimized for SEO and accessibility.

Generating alt text of an image from block editor using Content AI

40+ AI Tools

Explore a diverse set of 40+ AI tools to streamline your content creation process. From content creation to summarization, these tools offer a range of functionalities to enhance your writing.

AI tools

You can learn all about how to use Content AI tools here.

Utilizing Content AI as a free user provides a valuable set of tools and resources to enhance your content creation experience. If you still have questions about using Content AI – you’re always welcome to contact our dedicated support team. We’re available 24/7, 365 days a year…

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