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How to Update Rank Math PRO

v3.0.20 September 14, 2022

  • Improved: Plugin’s update checking functionality
  • Improved: Removed inStock information from the Review Schema shortcode when Offers and Pros & Cons added to the Product Schema are empty for Editorial Reviews
  • Improved: Query performance to get the Schema templates data based on the Display conditions
  • Improved: Query performance to get the Analytics data
  • Fixed: Missing GTIN in Variable Product Schema even when the value was added in the backend
  • Fixed: Secondary keywords were removed at the time of updating SEO details using the Quick Edit option
  • Fixed: Data sorting option was not working in the Analytics reports
  • Fixed: Editor was crashing at the time of searching for a Singular post in the Schema Template Display Condition option
  • Fixed: Term selection option was not working in the Schema Template Display condition option
  • Fixed: Missing Analytics header options after selecting the Post type

v3.0.19 August 24, 2022

  • Added: More Countries in the Google Search Console settings
  • Improved: Add multiple Pros & Cons in the Advanced Schema editor
  • Improved: Removed offers property completely when values are empty and Pros & Cons are added in the Product Schema for Editorial Reviews
  • Fixed: Wrong positioning of the Pros & Cons properties in the Review Schema
  • Fixed: Wrapped Pros & Cons list in the ul tag when shortcode or Schema block is used in the content area
  • Fixed: Images added in the Tab field of the ACF plugin were not included in the Sitemap
  • Fixed: Missing author URL property warning when Article schema is added to a post after the FAQPage schema
  • Fixed: Rank Tracker was not showing the option to add & delete the keyword

v3.0.18.1 August 12, 2022

  • Fixed: Conflict between Rank Math PRO & Elementor PRO, which was breaking the editor

v3.0.18 August 11, 2022

  • Added: [NEW!] Support for Pros & Cons in Review Schema
  • Fixed: Podcast feed link was not working on the new setup without updating the permalinks
  • Fixed: PHP notice in FAQ block when the image is not added
  • Fixed: Option to sort data was not working in the Analytics
  • Fixed: Page was reloading after searching the keyword on Rank Tracker page
  • Fixed: Rank Tracker page was showing an error after reloading the page
  • Fixed: Search page by URL or Title was not working in Site Analytics
  • Fixed: Change Caption casing option was not working
  • Fixed: Bulk Redirect was not working for terms
  • Fixed: Missing loading effect in Analytics tables
  • Fixed: Business badge was shown on the sites registered to an Agency plan
  • Fixed: Missing toggle to change the Top Winning & Losing posts