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How to Update Rank Math PRO

v3.0.24 November 14, 2022

v3.0.23 November 2, 2022

  • Fixed: Podcast title was not displayed on the frontend when it was the same as the Post title
  • Fixed: Duplicate content was shown in itunes:summarytag in the Podcast feed

v3.0.22 October 19, 2022

  • Added: Support for parameterized URLs in the Redirection Module
  • Added: New filter to modify the Redirection data before importing the CSV file
  • Fixed: Feed validator channel contains more than one image error when site icon is added to the site
  • Fixed: Incorrect CSV Import instructions
  • Fixed: Scheduled Action created after creating a Scheduled Redirection was not getting removed after deleting the redirection
  • Fixed: Copying Schema shortcode using the Keyboard was not working in the Elementor editor

v3.0.20 September 14, 2022

  • Improved: Plugin’s update checking functionality
  • Improved: Removed inStock information from the Review Schema shortcode when Offers and Pros & Cons added to the Product Schema are empty for Editorial Reviews
  • Improved: Query performance to get the Schema templates data based on the Display conditions
  • Improved: Query performance to get the Analytics data
  • Fixed: Missing GTIN in Variable Product Schema even when the value was added in the backend
  • Fixed: Secondary keywords were removed at the time of updating SEO details using the Quick Edit option
  • Fixed: Data sorting option was not working in the Analytics reports
  • Fixed: Editor was crashing at the time of searching for a Singular post in the Schema Template Display Condition option
  • Fixed: Term selection option was not working in the Schema Template Display condition option
  • Fixed: Missing Analytics header options after selecting the Post type