v1.0.91 June 15, 2022

  • Added: [HUGE!] Synced Content Analysis tests with the recommendations provided by the Content AI
  • Improved: Added a new column on the Redirections page to show the Created date of the redirect
  • Improved: Search Preview & Mobile Search Preview shown in the SEO Analysis tool
  • Improved: Image SEO code to make it FASTER
  • Fixed: Some string translations were not working well
  • Fixed: Unable to connect account when WordPress is installed in a subfolder
  • Fixed: Connect to Rank Math account was not working properly when the URL contained special characters
  • Fixed: Debug Redirections option was not working well
  • Fixed: Some Schema properties were missing in the EDD Product Schema
  • Fixed: Analytics data was not getting imported correctly when domain property was selected in the Site Profile
  • Fixed: The maintenance page created using Elementor editor was not working well when the Rank Math plugin is active on the site
  • Fixed: Hash links added in the Elementor Accordion were counted as internal links
  • Fixed: JS errors on the Categories list page

v1.0.90 June 1, 2022

v1.0.89.1 May 21, 2022

  • Fixed: Content AI was not detecting the images present in the content area
  • Fixed: Content AI was crashing the editor on some setups when the site was not connected to Rank Math account
  • Fixed: Some sites were showing PHP warning after the last update

v1.0.89 May 20, 2022

  • Added: Support for shortcodes in the FAQ & HowTo block content
  • Added: New filter to allow line breaks in the FAQ & HowTo block content
  • Added: Compatibility check to check if the base64_* functions are available
  • Improved: Description for Schema Type Titles & Meta option to make it easy to understand
  • Improved: Error messages on different pages to make it easy to understand
  • Improved: The code that generates Thumbnail overlay
  • Improved: Optimized and improved the overall code
  • Removed: The image:caption & image:title properties from the sitemap as Google no longer uses them. You can read more about it here
  • Fixed: Google Search Console data import was not working well with the domain property
  • Fixed: Content Analysis was not working when a comma was used in the Focus keyword
  • Fixed: Link Suggestion was not working well when the ‘AMP for WP’ plugin is active
  • Fixed: WP Super Cache plugin’s cache was completely getting cleared after updating the WooCommerce Product
  • Fixed: PHP warning when invalid regex was used in the 404 Monitor Exclude Path setting
  • Fixed: Content AI was not working well on the posts created using the ‘Builder by SiteOrigin’ plugin
  • Fixed: Dashboard widget was showing without any content to the users who didn’t have the required capability
  • Fixed: Links pointing to the media files were also counted as internal links by the Link Counter
  • Fixed: Missing tooltips in the Content Analysis tests
  • Fixed: Improved the styling of the Classic Editor Metabox when it is moved to the editor’s sidebar
  • Fixed: Remove Snippet Data option was not working on some setups

v1.0.88.1 May 4, 2022

  • Fixed: GA4 Data stream dropdown was not showing any value even if it was working fine