v1.0.116 May 31, 2023

v1.0.115 May 18, 2023

  • Fixed: HTML Sitemap was incorrectly repeating subcategories as standalone categories
  • Fixed: Issue with importing Analytics data on Multisite setup with sub-directory domain
  • Fixed: Incompatibility between Rank Math Site Analytics and WPML plugin’s ‘Use directory for default language’ option
  • Fixed: Missing Table of Contents Block ID after editing the title or heading in the block

v1.0.114 May 3, 2023

  • Added: New filter to exclude certain post types from Analytics Index
  • Improved: Optimized Sitemap caching code to skip auto-draft posts and to run the Varnish cache function only on the sites where it is enabled
  • Fixed: Invalid Purge cache request warning on https sites with Varnish cache enabled
  • Fixed: Index Status issue on subdirectory installations
  • Fixed: PHP warning when the Capitalize Title option is enabled
  • Fixed: PHP warning related to Schema when the image attachment ID is missing

v1.0.112 April 19, 2023

  • Improved: Significant code improvements in the Analytics module resulting in FASTER and LIGHTER performance of the plugin
  • Fixed: Schema Block was not working with WordPress 6.2
  • Fixed: Missing SEO tab in the beta version of Elementor editor
  • Fixed: PHP error related to SEO Analyzer on some setups
  • Fixed: PHP warning related to Slack Open Graph tags on some setups
  • Fixed: Title wrapper option in the Table of Contents Block was not working with the default TOC title on the frontend
  • Fixed: Redirection rules from Trash will no longer be displayed when searching for Redirection.
  • Fixed: Empty Taxonomies & Author archive pages displayed in the HTML sitemap
  • Fixed: Misaligned SEO Metabox on Product taxonomy pages in the latest version of WooCommerce
  • Fixed: Analytics pages were not working with the Gutenberg plugin

v1.0.111 April 5, 2023

  • Improved: Disabled the Role Manager option for the Administrator user role to prevent accidental disabling
  • Fixed: WordPress 6.2 compatibility issue where the editor would crash after clicking on the Content AI button while Post settings were still loading
  • Fixed: Embedded Google map was being counted as a video in Content AI
  • Fixed: Content Analysis was not recognizing the self-hosted URLs used in the video tag
  • Fixed: Sitemap was not updating when it was cached using the Transient method
  • Fixed: Deprecated warning with PHP 8.1 on the Setup Wizard page
  • Fixed: Console error related to Schema with WordPress 6.2