v1.0.107.3 enero 30, 2023

  • Improved: Strengthened the security of the plugin. Thanks to PatchStack for revealing it responsibly
  • Fixed: After importing the data from Yoast, the %%searchphrase%% variable was not getting converted to the Rank Math’s %search_query%
  • Reparado: Focus Keyword in Title test was not working well when & was used in the SERP Title
  • Reparado: Book schema was showing incorrect published date on the frontend

v1.0.107.2 enero 25, 2023

  • Fixed: TOC Block was not detecting the headings added in FAQ & HowTo blocks when core headings were present in the content

v1.0.107.1 enero 25, 2023

  • Fixed: Version number

v1.0.106 enero 11, 2023

  • Agregado: la configuración de redes sociales ahora incluye una opción para URL de perfil adicionales que se agregará a la igual que property of the Organization Schema.
  • Added: User Profile now includes an option for Additional Profile URLs that will be added to the igual que propiedad de la Autor Schema Entidades.
  • Improved: Token regeneration method for Google Search Console to avoid data import issues in the Módulo de análisis was revised to ensure proper regeneration on all setups.
  • Fixed: Analytics data is now updating correctly on all setups after the last update.
  • Fixed: Compatibility issues with the ACF’s Link type field, where the title added from the Link modal was not getting saved.
  • Reparado: uploadDate error in Esquema de vídeo that occurred when the site’s Timezone was set to a non-UTC value is now resolved.
  • Fixed: An error that occurred on some setups after clearing the SEO Analysis data from Database tools has been resolved.