How to Configure Content AI’s Global Settings

Content AI allows you to set the tone, language, choose your target audience & more every time you use the AI tool.

But wouldn’t it be time-consuming to set them for each prompt?

Thankfully, Rank Math includes a dedicated section to let you configure the Global Settings for Content AI, so by default, all your prompts will use these configurations unless you want to change them.

Content AI Global Settings

To access the Content AI Global settings, head over to Rank Math SEO → General Settings Content AI in your WordPress dashboard, as shown below.

Content AI settings

If these settings are unavailable for you, then check if you have enabled the Content AI module under WordPress Dashboard Rank Math SEO Dashboard Modules Content AI.

Enable Content AI

Now, let us discuss each of these options one by one.

1 Default Country

Here, you can choose the default country that you want to target. If you’re targeting a Global Audience, then choose Worldwide.

Default country

Here is a complete list of the country options that are available to select.

ArmeniaHong KongPoland
AzerbaijanIndonesiaRussian Federation
BahrainIrelandSaudi Arabia
Bolivia, Plurinational State OfJordanSlovakia
BulgariaKenyaSouth Africa
CambodiaKorea, Republic OfSpain
CanadaLatviaSri Lanka
ColombiaMacedonia, The Former Yugoslav Republic OfSwitzerland
Costa RicaMalaysiaTaiwan
EcuadorNetherlandsUnited Arab Emirates
EgyptNew ZealandUnited Kingdom
El SalvadorNicaraguaUnited States Of America
FinlandNorwayVenezuela, The Bolivarian Republic Of
FrancePakistanViet Nam

2 Default Tone

By default, Content AI’s tone is set to formal. If you prefer to change the default tone in which Content AI generates its output, click the dropdown to select your preferred tone.

Default tone

While these tones are self-explanatory, we’ve explained each one of them in detail below to differentiate them better.


A high degree of formality and professionalism, often used in business or academic writing.


A casual and relaxed tone is often used in personal writing or social media.


Focuses on establishing a positive connection with the readers using a casual and conversational style.


A more conversational tone is often used in social media or in blog posts.


Focuses on a back-and-forth dialogue, often used in customer service or support contexts


Focuses on detailed descriptions, often used in product descriptions or travel guides.


Focusing on convincing the reader or listener to take a specific action is often used in sales or advertising.


Focuses on technical details, and precision, which is often used in software documentation or scientific research.


This style involves analyzing and evaluating information or arguments and often presents a critical perspective.


A style commonly used in news reporting and journalism


Focuses on imagination, which is often used in poetry or fiction.


An emphasis on accuracy and the presentation of factual information is often used in news articles or scientific papers.


Use of anecdotes, relatable experiences, and storytelling techniques to create emotional resonance and establish a connection with the audience.


The use of irony, wit, and sarcasm to criticize or mock a subject is often used in comedy or satirical writing.


Exhibits the writer’s effort to understand and communicate with the reader or listener, which is often used in counseling or customer service contexts.


The inclusion of personal opinions and viewpoints is often used in opinion pieces or editorial articles.


The use of jokes, puns, and other forms of comedy, often used in stand-up or comedic writing.


The use of narrative techniques to tell a story is often used in fiction or non-fiction writing.


Uses a descriptive and engaging style to captivate the reader’s attention.


The tone is used for presenting facts, evidence, and logical explanations in a clear and organized manner.


The tone used in persuasive speech, opinion pieces, and debates to present a particular viewpoint/opinion with the intent to convince readers.


The tone used in presenting the topic without any personal bias or emotions.


Use of descriptive language, anecdotes, and emotional expressions to engage with the reader on a more personal level.

3 Default Audience

This dropdown lets you choose your default audience. Though we have a comprehensive list, we understand it isn’t always possible to define your target audience within this classification. Hence, our AI tool lets you define your custom audience in the prompt.

Default Audience

Similarly, this list is only the default configuration; you can always override it with the prompt for our AI tools.

Here is the comprehensive list of default audiences to choose from.

General AudienceConsumersStudents
ProfessionalsBusiness OwnersJob Seekers
InvestorsEntrepreneursSocial Media Users
TravelersPet OwnersSeniors
Gaming EnthusiastsEnvironmentalistsSports Fans
Health EnthusiastsTech EnthusiastsParents
WritersRetireesHealthcare Professionals
CooksFitness EnthusiastsBargain Hunters
FashionistsOutdoor EnthusiastsIndoor Hobbyists
Movie BuffsTV EnthusiastsMovie Creators
EngineersDesignersPodcast Listeners

4 Default Language

In this field, you can select the default language in which Content AI should generate the output.

Defaullt language

Here is the complete list of languages that Content AI supports as of now.

US EnglishUK EnglishBulgarian

5 Enable Grammarly

This option is enabled by default. Toggle this option to enable or disable Grammarly. Content AI offers a dedicated integration for Grammarly to ensure your writing is free from grammatical errors and reader-friendly.

Enable Grammarly

6 Select Post Type

This option allows you to select the post types where you prefer to use Content AI.

Select Post Type

7 Refresh Content AI Credits

At the bottom of the settings, you’ll notice the number of Content AI credits available with your account. You may also click the refresh button to check the updated count.

Refresh Content AI credits

Once you’re done with configuring your Content AI Global settings, click the Save Changes button at the bottom of the page for the changes to reflect.

Save changes

And that’s it! We hope the article helped you configure the Global Settings so Content AI can swiftly write for your tailored requirements. If you have any questions or need help configuring Content AI for your website, please open a support ticket here, and our support team will be more than happy to assist you.

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