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v1.0.202 september 21, 2023

  • Toegevoegd: Ondersteuning voor UK English taal in Content AI
  • Added: Several improvements to the new Content AI
  • Toegevoegd: Nieuw filter to prevent Linkteller from processing the post
  • Verbeterd: Grammarly integration is now enabled by default on all sites. This option will be enabled on existing sites after this update
  • Verbeterd: Write More feature now generates more advanced preformatted output
  • Improved: Rank Math no longer supports PHP 7.2. Please upgrade to a more recent PHP version to continue using Rank Math
  • Verbeterd: Analytics code to use the same post slug everywhere
  • Fixed: Incorrect formatting of the Hierarchical items in the HTML sitemap
  • Fixed: UI issue in the Analytics-instellingen
  • Fixed: Insert option in FAQ AI tool was not working in Content Editor
  • Fixed: PHP error on Content Editor page on WordPress v6.2 and lower
  • Fixed: Missing option to insert SEO Meta & Opengraph data in Divi Editor

v1.0.201.1 september 7, 2023

  • Added: A new button to manually update the AI Prompt Library
  • Fixed: PHP error related to PHP v8.2 on some setups

v1.0.122 23 augustus 2023

  • Toegevoegd: Nieuwe optie in Webmaster Tools to add additional verification tags
  • Toegevoegd: Nieuw filter to modify the content passed to the Linkteller
  • Fixed: PHP Warning with WP CLI command wp rankmath sitemap generate
  • Fixed: Setup Wizard was not updating Person/Organization Name
  • Fixed: PHP warnings on the Omleidingen page in PHP 8.1, occurring when no Redirections are present on the site