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v1.0.223 Juli 10, 2024

  • Improved: Compatibility with WordPress 6.6
  • Improved: Compatibility with the Multisite Global Media plugin
  • Fixed: Missing recommended fields Bild und telephone error when using the DietNutrition Unternehmensart
  • Fixed: PHP warning on archive pages with custom templates
  • Fixed: Missing taxonomy terms in the HTML-Sitemap when the parent term is set to noindex
  • Fixed: PHP warning related to caching on the Analytics-Seite

v1.0.222 Juni 26, 2024

v1.0.221 Juni 12, 2024

  • Improved: Moved Rollenmanager code to React. Now it loads blazing fast. We will gruadually make other modules load fast as well.
  • Behoben: Schaltflächenstatus aktualisieren in der Elementor-Editor remained active even without any content changes when the Schema module was enabled
  • Fest: Table of Contents Block was not working with Full Site editing templates
  • Fest: Organization name variable %org_name% was displaying the site name in the Preview editor instead of the Organization name
  • Fixed: Missing link to add new Redirection in the Redirections Table
  • Fixed: Missing checkbox to allow editing .htaccess-Datei

v1.0.220 Mai 31, 2024

v1.0.219 Mai 15, 2024

  • Hinzugefügt: Neuer Filter to modify FAQ & HowTo Block content
  • Improved: Strengthened the security of the plugin’s Blocks. Thanks to Dmitrii Ignatyev and Ngô Thiên for disclosing it responsibly
  • Fixed: Using Enter to submit a question to RankBot duplicated the user’s conversation
  • Fixed: Compatibility issue with Elementor’s top bar feature where the Update button did not activate after Rank Math data changes
  • Fest: Titel groß schreiben was removing the starting integer from titles
  • Fixed: Compatibility issue with the Avia builder in the Enfold theme
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