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Using Video Sitemaps in Rank Math

For any website that uses videos, it is pretty essential to have a video sitemap. Video sitemaps help Google and other search bots easily find more information about where videos are placed and this helps you rank better in the Video search.

Rank Math automatically looks for the presence of video content inside your posts as you write them, and if it finds any video content, it will add that post/page/CPT to the Video Sitemap.

How to Enable Video Sitemap in Rank Math?

To enable the Video Sitemap, head over to WordPress Dashboard > Rank Math > Dashboard > Modules section. Then, from the list of different modules, enable the Video Sitemaps module as shown below.

Enable Schema and Video sitemap

Note: Since we automatically generate the video sitemap and add the relevant Video Schema for you, you will also need to enable the Schema module from this same page to use the Video Sitemaps.

Configuring Video Sitemap

Once you have enabled the Video Sitemap, click on the Settings button or head over to the Sitemap Settings at WordPress Dashboard > Rank Math > Sitemap Settings > Video Sitemap, and it would look like this:


Now, let us look at the different options available for us to configure.

Hide Sitemap

You have an option to hide the sitemap from normal visitors and only show the sitemap to bots. By default, this option to hide sitemap is disabled and it is completely based on your preference.

Hide sitemap

Video Post Type

You can choose what post types to be considered for the Video Sitemaps. Once you’ve chosen the post types, Rank Math will automatically detect videos only from these selected post types.

Video post type

Custom Fields

And, you can instruct Rank Math to scan custom fields and look for the presence of video content. By default, we look for the videos in the default content.

Add only one entry per line so that Rank Math can understand them and include them in your sitemap.

Custom Fields

Finding your Video Sitemap

After making the necessary changes, click the Save Changes button and your Video Sitemap URL is available at the top of your page. You can copy the URL to submit it to search engines or simply access your video sitemap URL from this page.

Rank Math Video Sitemap URL

And, that’s it! Once Rank Math detects the presence of a video in selected post types, we will automatically add it to the Video sitemap and add the Video Schema to the post along with all the required Schema fields like thumbnails, embed URL, video duration, etc…

If you still have any questions on using Video sitemap with Rank Math, feel free to reach our support team, as we’re always here to help.

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