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How to Create Multiple Locations (with Schema) Using Rank Math

Let’s have a look as to how you can set up your Location Post Type in Rank Math. It’s pretty simple. You need to follow the below steps and you will be through.

Note: The option to add multiple locations is available in Rank Math PRO.

Step 1:

First, you need to go to Local SEO in the Rank Math dashboard.

You can put your company name and logo, URL, email address, address, your business type from the various business types drop-down menu.

Try to be precise and fill in the details as you want your business to be displayed on google search results.


Enable the Use Multiple Locations and Save your changes.


Step 2:

Once you enable the Use Multiple Locations, Rank Math will create a new custom post type called RM Locations where you can add multiple locations of your business or organization.

The Location Post Type label and the Location Post Type Plural label is by default RM Locations.

location label

Then click on RM Locations in your dashboard.

Once you are in the RM Location, you can add a location by clicking on Add New and name it as per your choice.

option to add a new location

For example, I have named it New York Location.

Then head over to New York Location and click on Edit.

Once you are in the editor, then in your Rank Math plugin go to Schema Generator.

Schema option for location CPT

In the Schema Generator, click on the Schema Type – LocalBusiness as shown below.

Schema Generator

Then, it will open the Schema Builder.


Once you fill in the details in the Schema Builder, Save them by clicking on Save for this Post.

Step 3:

You can then make use of Local Business Block by Rank Math as shown below:


Select Local Business by Rank Math block.

In the Block settings > Type, You can set the Address, Opening hours, Map, Store Locator for your location accordingly.

Once it is done, Save the changes.


Also, you can choose which options you want to display with the LocalBusiness Block. You can choose to display your Company Name, Address in one line, State, Phone Number, etc as shown in the image below:


You can also use the Locations option to list all the locations on a single page or to show individual locations. This will help you to create a single page with all locations or multiple pages for each location.


Here is a Screencast that walks you through the entire process:

How to Add Multiple Locations Using Rank Math PRO Local SEO

With the help of Rank Math, you can easily configure your Location Post Type settings. Hence, we strongly recommend you to use Rank Math plugin for better optimization and make use of its powerful features.

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