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How to Import Redirects to Rank Math SEO

Rank Math plugin includes the options to import your redirects from Yoast Premium, .csv files, other redirection plugins. Rank Math makes the entire process very simple.

In this knowledge base article, we will show you the various options to import redirections using the Rank Math plugin.

1. Log in to your WordPress site and then go to your WordPress Dashboard.

2. Then go to Rank Math >  Status & Tools > Import & Export

Import and Export

3. You can then choose an import method. Rank Math allows you to import from Yoast Premium, .csv files, other redirection plugins.

Import from a CSV file PRO

You can import a CSV file to create or update the redirections. This option is available in the RankMath PRO version.

To get started, navigate to Rank Math > Redirections > Import & Export Tab. You can select a File using Choose a File button and then import it to either create or update the redirections. Once your file is selected then click on the Import CSV button.

Import from a CSV File

The import process will begin immediately and your redirections will then be imported.

Import redirections

Import from Yoast SEO Premium

Rank Math plugin makes it easier for you to import the settings and data from Yoast Premium. You can import all the settings that are shown below from the Yoast Premium plugin with the help of Rank Math.

Import from Yoast Premium

Import from Redirection Plugin

You can import your data or settings with the help of Import Redirections option that is available in Rank Math. You need to select the Import Redirections in the Redirections tab and then click on Import button.

Import from Redirection Plugin

And that’s it! Migrating your redirects over to Rank Math’s built-in redirections module couldn’t be easier. If you’d like to learn more about Redirections, the type of redirects available & more – you can do so here

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