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Rank Math’s Advanced Mode – Available Module, Options & More

Rank Math’s Advanced Mode allows you to control every aspect of your website’s SEO. You are offered options to change everything and have full control of the SEO aspect of the website.

In this knowledgebase article, we’re going to walk you through all the options available in the Rank Math’s Advanced Mode.

How to Switch to the Advanced Mode in Rank Math?

To begin with, navigate to WordPress Dashboard > Rank Math > Dashboard. In the top-right corner click on Advanced Mode as shown below:

Advanced Mode

Once you’ve enabled the advanced mode, all the available options will be displayed on the dashboard.

Advanced Mode Options

Let us now discuss each available option in detail.

Modules Available in the Advanced Mode

1 404 Monitor

You can easily track 404 errors with the help of the 404 Monitor in the Advanced Mode. Diagnosing these errors becomes very easy and you can get an overview of your entire website’s 404 errors.

404 Monitor

2 Role Manager

The Role Manager is an innovative feature that lets you restrict individual features for each user depending on what roles you provide them on the website.

Role Manager

3 Schema (Structured Data)

The Schema Module enables support for the Structured Data.

Schema Module


ACF Module helps to analyse the content that is written in the Advanced Custom Fields.

5 bbPress

With bbPress Module you get more control of your discussion board.

bbPress Module

6 BuddyPress

Enable the BuddyPress module and make your BuddyPress forum SEO Friendly.

BuddyPress Module

7 Image SEO

With the ImageSEO Modules advanced options helps you to improve your images further.

ImageSEO Module

8 Redirections

You can easily redirect your URLS with just few clicks with the help of Redirections Module

Options Available in the Advanced Mode

You can find the Links option in Rank Math > General Settings. In Easy Mode there is only one option Open External Links in New Tab/Window available as shown below:

Links Option in Easy Mode

In advanced mode, the options available are as follows:

Links Options

The Links option in the advanced mode has more options as compared to the Easy Mode. The options available only in advanced mode are as follows:

  • Strip Category Base
  • Redirect Attachments
  • Redirect Orphan Attachments
  • Nofollow External Links
  • Nofollow Image File Links
  • Affiliate Link Prefix

2 Status & Tools

The Status and Tools option in Advanced Mode has various options such as Version Control, Database Tools, etc as shown below:

Status and Tools

And that’s all, we hope you found this article helpful in knowing which options are available in Rank Math’s Advanced Mode (and hidden when in Easy Mode). This is something that agencies may find suitable for clients so that they are less likely to change settings which they aren’t sure of. If you have absolutely any questions, please feel free to contact our support team who are available 24/7 & ready to help.

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