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How to Build SEO Report for Your Website

SEO report involves assessing your website’s performance to identify issues that impact your search engine rankings. It provides a comprehensive view of your site’s current SEO health, the keywords you rank for, and more. 

Several agencies charge a lot to prepare one for your website, considering the technical expertise involved and the time commitments.

But if you’re a Rank Math user, you don’t need to spend anymore for your site’s SEO Report.

In this knowledgebase article, we will show you how to generate an SEO report with Rank Math in just a few clicks.

1 Run SEO Analyzer

If you have Rank Math PRO, ensure that SEO Analyzer is enabled on your website by navigating to WordPress Dashboard → Rank Math SEO → Dashboard → Modules.

Enable SEO Analyzer

Then navigate to Rank Math SEO SEO Analyzer. The SEO Analyzer screen will now open. Now, you can click Start SEO Analyzer to initiate the SEO analysis.

Start SEO Analyzer

If you don’t have PRO, head to the free SEO Analyzer and enter your website URL into the available field. Then, click ANALYZE, as shown below. 

Sample of the free SEO Analyzer

Rank Math’s SEO Analyzer will now inspect the website’s content and generate the results, which might take a few seconds. 

2 Check SEO Results

Once done, you’ll find the detailed SEO analysis of your WordPress site.

Note: The free SEO Analyzer offers fewer tests than the SEO Analyzer available in PRO.

SEO Analyzer score

Just below the SEO score, you will be able to see all the critical issues, recommended improvements, and the passed results based on the following: 

  • Priority 
  • Basic SEO
  • Advanced SEO 
  • Performance 
  • Security

If you’re looking for actionable insights, click the Failed Tests tab to display all the missing/incorrect SEO elements right away. Rank Math makes it even easier to resolve these SEO issues. Click the How to fix option beside each test and follow the instructions to resolve them.

Failed Tests in SEO Analyzer

3 Print Your Report

Now that your SEO Report is ready, you can now share it with your team members as a PDF. This makes it easier to collaborate with your team members, instead of providing them access to your WordPress dashboard.

If you use PRO, just click the PRINT button, as shown below.

Print SEO Report

If you used the free SEO Analyzer, then click the PRINT button, as shown below.

Click PRINT in the free SEO Analyzer

Once done, click Save to save the entire report as a PDF.

Save SEO Report

We hope you have figured out how to leverage Rank Math’s SEO Analyzer to generate SEO reports in the blink of an eye. If you face any difficulties using our SEO Analyzer or any other features, please feel free to reach out to our dedicated support team. Our team works round the clock to help you embrace a hassle-free SEO journey. 

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