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Editing Meta Title & Descriptions At Scale with Rank Math

When you run a website of any considerable size, updating and writing meta descriptions directly in WordPress can be time-consuming, to say the least. So, let’s take a look at how easy Rank Math makes it to efficiently bulk edit all of your page, post, and custom post type SEO meta…

Editing SEO Meta Titles & Descriptions at Scale w/Rank Math + Google Sheets -  Rank Math SEO

1 Bulk Editing In Your WordPress Admin Area

1.1 Navigate to the Posts Section

At first, navigate your posts from WordPress Dashboard > Posts.

Navigate to posts

1.2 Make Necessary Changes to Your SEO Information

You can change the SEO Information of your posts as shown below. Click on Save All Edits once you have made the changes.

Change SEO Information.

2 Bulk Editing Options in Google Sheets (or Excel) PRO

2.1 Exporting Your Current Settings to a CSV File

Navigate to Rank Math > Status & Tools > Import & Export and export the meta data as shown below:

Export CSV File

2.2 Edit the Information in the CSV File

Once the CSV file is downloaded, make the necessary changes in the file and export the file. Once done, then save the CSV file.

Edit Information in CSV File

We recommend using Google Sheets for this to make the process a bit easier and have a central file that multiple people can contribute to.

2.3 Import the CSV File

Import the CSV file and click on Import as shown below:

Import the CSV file

2.4 Check the SEO Information

Once you have imported the CSV file, all the changes that you have made will be reflected in your posts. You can check them in your posts Dashboard as shown below:

SEO Information changed

Let us now see all the options that are available in the CSV file.

3 Options You Can Edit in the CSV File

Let us now discuss the fields in the CSV file.

3.1 Slug

Add the slug in this field.


3.2 SEO Title

Add the SEO title in this field.


3.3 SEO Description

Add SEO Description in this field.


3.4 Is Pillar Content

Set whether the post is a pillar content. The options available are Yes and No. Add Yes if you want the post to be a pillar content and a No if you do not wish it to be a pillar content.


3.5 Focus Keyword

Add the focus keyword for your post.


3.6 SEO Score

Displays the SEO Score. For example SEO score can be 49/100.


3.7 Robots

Add whether you want to Index or No Index the post. The options you can use are index, noindex, noarchive in this field.


3.8 Advanced Robots

Add the values for the advanced robots settings.


You can values to the advanced robots settings for max-snippet, max-video-preview, max-image-preview as shown below:

max-snippet=-1, max-video-preview=-1, max-image-preview=large 

3.9 Canonical URL

Add the Canonical URL in this field.


3.10 Primary Term

Add the primary term in this field.


3.11 Schema Type

Add the Schema Type in this field.


You can add from the various Schema types supported by Rank Math.

3.12 Schema Data

Add the type of Schema Data in this field. Use type attribute to mention the Schema data.


For example this is how the Schema Data should look like:


3.13 Social Facebook Thumbnail

Add the thumbnail for the post to be displayed on Facebook in this field.


3.14 Social Facebook Title

Add the Title for your post to be displayed on Facebook.


3.15 Social Facebook Description

Add the description for your post to be displayed on Facebook.


3.16 Social Twitter Thumbnail

Add the thumbnail for your post to be displayed on twitter.


3.17 Social Twitter Title

Add the Title for your post to be displayed on Twitter.


3.18 Social Twitter Description

Add the description for your post to be displayed on Twitter.


Rank Math has made it very easy for you to bulk edit your SEO information. Rank Math’s bulk editing feature lets you update all your post’s titles, descriptions, etc in bulk, saving you an unbelievable amount of time and allowing you to operate at scale. We strongly recommend you to install Rank Math as it’s more like a “Swiss Army Knife” – dozens of specific tools bundled together into a single package.

If you have any questions about bulk editing your SEO meta (titles, descriptions, and all of the options outlined above) – feel free to reach out to our support team who are always more than happy to help.

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