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What Is a Focus Keyword?

The focus keyword is simply the search term you want your post or page to be ranked for in the search engines. So when the audience looks out for that specific phrase or keyword in the search engines, they should probably locate you.

In this knowledgebase article, we’re going to walk you through what a focus keyword is and show you how Rank Math helps you choose the right focus keyword.

What Is a Focus Keyword?

As mentioned, the focus keyword is a single term from the list of possible keywords that you want your page to rank for. The major purpose of the focus keyword is to create content around it and get it ranked in Google or Bing for that keyword.

Rank Math can help you ensure that the content crafted is optimized for your focus keyword. If your content isn’t optimized already, it gives you recommendations to optimize further for rankings.

Choosing a Focus Keyword

If you want to drive more organic traffic, you should choose your focus keyword based on proper keyword research. Since keyword research itself is a detailed topic on its own, you can refer to our keyword research guide.

Once you’ve found a set of keywords that you would like to target, find out the keywords’ search volume.

  • If the keyword’s search volume is low, then targeting that particular keyword or keywords can be of no help. So it will rather not help.
  • Choosing a generic term either isn’t particularly achievable for most websites.
  • And to add up, we recommend not to choose highly competitive focus keywords.

How to Set a Focus Keyword in Rank Math?

Rank Math, your favorite SEO plugin, has a separate field to add focus keywords for your post/page. To set a focus keyword in Rank Math, you need to edit a post/page and then go to the General Tab of the Rank Math SEO. Then, enter your focus keyword in the Focus Keyword field.

Add focus keyword

By adding relevant keywords in the Focus Keyword section, you can make the most of Rank Math’s content analysis power. Rank Math by default lets you add up to 5 focus keywords per post.

But all Rank Math PRO users can add an unlimited number of keywords here. While if you’re using the free version, you can add additional keywords using this developer hook/filter. With this said, please don’t over-use or stuff the focus keyword within your post/page.

Google Autocomplete for Focus Keyword Suggestions

If you’ve connected your Rank Math account, then you can use the Google Autocomplete feature to find more relevant focus keywords for your content. Just start typing a phrase in the Focus Keywords field to see a set of relevant keyword suggestions.

Google Autocomplete for focus keyword suggestions

These suggestions are only to back your keyword research. Ultimately, you should pick your keywords based on their search volume, keyword difficulty for ranking, and your website’s authority, so that you can be sure your content can rank for the picked keywords.

Choosing Your Primary Focus Keyword

As we mentioned, Rank Math lets you add more than one focus keyword. And when you add multiple focus keywords, the first focus keyword automatically becomes your primary focus keyword. The primary focus keyword is denoted by a star icon in front of it.

Choosing primary focus keyword

The primary focus keyword should be considered as the most important one among the bunch of keywords you’ve added. If you wish to change the primary focus keyword, there isn’t a way to reorder the keywords; remove the keywords and add them once again, with the first keyword being the primary focus keyword of your choice.

In general, your primary focus keyword should be the one that more people are looking for. Only then your content crafted around this keyword can rank for this search term to reach more people.

When you start using Google Trends, you can understand how your keywords have fared against each other over a period of time. Rank Math lets you access Google Trends right inside your favorite editor in the WordPress dashboard. You can access it by clicking the Google Trends icon in the Focus keyword section.

Access Google Trends in Rank Math

If you’ve already added your focus keywords, then the Google Trends screen pulls out a graph with these keywords’ trends, as shown below.

Google Trends for keywords

To add/remove keywords to compare, use the Keywords section on the left side of the screen. Ideally, the primary focus keyword should be the one more people are interested in. You can also check the Google Trends data for a specific region or for a longer duration. Once you’ve chosen your keywords, click the Close & Use selected keywords button to use the selected keywords as focus keywords. As expected, first keyword will be automatically considered as the primary focus keyword.

Optimizing Your Content for Focus Keyword

Rank Math gives you a proper analysis of your post’s content and helps you to optimize your content based on your focus keyword. You can notice the Basic SEO section below the Focus Keyword field in the General tab of Rank Math.

Rank Math analyzes your content to check if you’ve included your focus keyword in SEO title, meta description, URL, and in your content. If you haven’t included yet, then it displays errors as shown below:

Focus Keyword Analysis by Rank Math

All these tests done by Rank Math to check if focus keywords are used inside your content are only recommendations. And these recommendations should be considered only as a framework to help you increase your chances of ranking.

And, that’s it. We hope the article was helpful in understanding what a focus keyword is. If you still have any questions about using the focus keyword in Rank Math, please feel free to contact our support team, who are available 24×7 and help you out as soon as possible.

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