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Why Rank Math Is Better Than Yoast

Are you a website owner or manager looking for the best SEO plugin for your website? Look no further! In this article, we will dive into the age-old debate of Rank Math vs. Yoast and uncover why Rank Math reigns supreme. 

Whether you’re a seasoned website administrator or just starting out, this article will reveal why Rank Math is the superior choice for optimizing your content and boosting your search engine rankings. So grab a cup of coffee, and let’s get started!

1 Rank Math Offers Premium Yoast Features for Free

Yoast requires a premium subscription to unlock the SEO tools you need for basic optimization tasks. Rank Math, on the other hand, allows you to access these SEO tools and more without spending a dime.

For example, Rank Math FREE allows you to create sitemaps and redirects, add Schema markup, view social previews, get internal link suggestions, and monitor 404 errors for free. If you use Yoast, you’d only be able to access these features after paying for the premium plugin. 

Rank Math allows you to access premium SEO tools for free

It is worth noting that the premium Yoast plugin lacks several features available in Rank Math PRO. For example, Rank Math PRO allows you to automatically add alt and title attributes to your images and view Google Analytics inside your WordPress dashboard. These features are missing in Yoast. 

2 Rank Math Provides Premium Support to Free Users

When you encounter issues with Yoast, your best bet is to turn to their support forum. However, the support offered is limited, and you’ll most likely have to rely on fellow Yoast users for help. The scenario slightly improves if you are a premium member, but the process is still complex and frustrating.

Yoast customer support is limited even if you're a premium member

Rank Math, on the other hand, provides dedicated, premium-level support even to free users. When you need help with Rank Math, open a ticket to our Support forum, and our support team will give you one-to-one support until your issue is resolved. 

Alternatively, you can visit our knowledgebase, where we have many articles with easy-to-follow instructions, clear images, and steps to expedite to our support team if you cannot resolve the issue.

3 Rank Math Requires a Single Membership for PRO

A single PRO membership grants you access to every premium feature Rank Math offers.

A single PRO membership grants you access to every premium feature Rank Math offers

This differs from Yoast, which split its premium features across several plugins. First, there is the regular Yoast premium plugin. Then, there are other premium plugins for video SEO, WooCommerce, Google News, and local search.

In all, Yoast requires you to install five different plugins to access its premium features. These plugins are sold separately, though you can get them as part of a bundle that costs four times more than Rank Math. 

4 Rank Math Allows a Single PRO Membership for Multiple Sites

A Yoast premium license is valid for one site. If you wish to use Yoast on another site you own, you must pay for another license. For comparison, a single Rank Math PRO membership is valid on all your personal sites.

A single Rank Math PRO membership is valid for all your personal sites

If you are an agency, consider the Business and Agency plans that allow you to use Rank Math on your clients’ websites. Both plans have additional features that enable you to send customized email reports to your clients. Your clients also receive premium customer support from Rank Math as part of your license.

5 Rank Math Runs Your Content Through 20+ Tests

To increase your chances of receiving the most traffic from search engines, Rank Math FREE runs your content through 20+ tests. This is the same amount of tests offered to Rank Math PRO users. After analyzing your content, Rank Math provides specific suggestions for improving it.

Rank Math runs 18 tests on your content

The free Yoast plugin, in comparison, runs your content through eight tests. It has a few more tests, but they are reserved for paying users.

6 Rank Math PRO Has Advanced Analytics Features 

Rank Math PRO provides you with advanced analytics features that are not available in Yoast’s premium plugins. With Rank Math Analytics, you can track keywords, monitor how well your content is optimized, and view their performance in search results.

Rank Math PRO contains advanced analytics features unavailable in Yoast's premium plugins

Yoast does offer some analytics features, but only if you sign up for a third-party service. Even at that, they only allow you to track 5 keywords and require you to pay a subscription fee to track additional keywords. For comparison, Rank Math PRO enables you to track up to 500 keywords.

7 Rank Math Doesn’t Slow Down Your Site

Rank Math was built with speed in mind. Its code is optimized for maximum performance. Despite offering more features than Yoast, Rank Math has fewer lines of code, uses less memory, and has a lighter installation file. 

Rank Math and Yoast comparison test

Yoast, on the other hand, is 1.5 times larger despite offering fewer features. On top of the large file size, Yoast’s numerous plugins use more memory and make more requests. This can cause your website to lag.

In addition, Rank Math is built on a modular system. That way, you can switch off the features you don’t need, ensuring your site remains fast after installation.

8 Rank Math Doesn’t Annoy You With Ads

Yoast displays advertisements everywhere: In the sidebar, on your WordPress dashboard, in the WordPress plugin menu, in the Yoast plugin options, and even in their help center. Everywhere you turn, there is a Yoast ad urging you to sign up for their premium plugin. 

Rank Math doesn’t bother you with ads. We keep ads at a minimum. For example, in the Rank Math SEO dashboard, we only inform you if a module requires a PRO membership and do not force you to upgrade.

Image of Rank Math dashboard module showing PRO

As always, Rank Math focuses on providing you with the tools you require to improve your SEO and increase your chances of appearing in search results. 

9 Rank Math Offers Free Keyword Suggestions

Rank Math has an autocomplete feature to assist you in discovering relevant keywords to include in your content. This, along with the Google Trends integration and Content AI, allows you to use Rank Math as a keyword research tool

Rank Math has an autocomplete feature

Yoast offers keyword suggestions, but on the condition that you register with a third-party service. After registration, you will receive suggestions for the first 10 keywords you enter into the tool daily. If you want more suggestions, then you must subscribe to the third-party service or wait until the next day.

Considering Yoast permits you to enter one keyword per post, you must pay for Yoast Premium to add the suggested keywords to your post. For comparison, Rank Math FREE allows you to add five keywords to your post. When you upgrade to PRO, you can add unlimited keywords.

10 Rank Math Has Content AI

Rank Math has Content AI, a powerful artificial intelligence feature that can write an SEO article in one click. Content AI contains 40+ AI tools to generate or improve your blog posts, emails, sales and marketing copies, and social media posts.

Rank Math has Content AI

At the click of a button, Content AI will

When editing a post or page, Content AI will compare your keywords to the top-ranking content in search results and offer suggestions for improving your content.

Then, there is RankBot, your personal AI assistant for creating content, performing research, and answering SEO and business-related questions. Yoast doesn’t have a feature like Content AI.

You can refer to this guide for an overview of the 40+ AI tools available in Content AI and how to use them and RankBot to research and create new content, improve existing content, and speed up your content creation process.

11 Conclusion

In conclusion, choosing Rank Math over Yoast is a no-brainer. With Rank Math, you get more bang for your buck without sacrificing quality. So why settle for less when you can have the best? Switch to Rank Math and take your SEO game to the next level.

We hope you are convinced that Rank Math is better than Yoast. If you have any questions, you’re more than welcome to contact our dedicated support team. We’re available 24/7, 365 days a year…

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