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Choosing Between Rank Math PRO, Business and Agency Plan

You might have been using Rank Math (free version) for some time, and now you have decided to upgrade for a paid plan after getting to know about the additional benefits and features. That’s right, we offer many more features to our paid users who want to reap maximum benefit from SEO.

However, you might also be confused about realizing the plan that works best for you. In this guide, we will help you in clearing all your doubts and help you choose between Rank Math PRO, Business, and Agency Plans.

While we help you choose the best plan, you can also refer to our blog post on 45+ Unique Features which are only available in Rank Math.

1 Personal Website vs Client Website

There are different types of websites out there. Some are for businesses and some are for individuals. Let’s see what are individual or personal websites, and a client website (for managing a client’s business).

1.1 Personal Website

Personal websites are those websites that you own 100% and not a website of your client or a site where you have a partnership with someone. A personal website can be a business website that helps you in earning money and you can even sell it to anyone, but it needs to belong to you.

The PRO plan is best suited for individuals & solopreneurs having personal websites.

1.2 Client Website

Client websites are those websites that you do not own or have a partnership with someone. The best example is if you are an SEO Expert/Developer/Designer of a website that is owned by someone or a company/business.

A business/agency plan is best suited for freelancers, businesses, service providers & agency owners who have to manage clients’ websites.

2 How Do We Determine If a Website Is Personal?

We have built our internal system to detect anyone exploiting our resources. Fair usage policy applies to the personal license where you cannot use the PRO license on a client website or share it with your friends/family.

We manually review the accounts of users, and if we “feel” (Jedi methods, not to be fondled with) that they do not belong to a single user, we will send an email to them requesting more information. Failing to provide a justified response will lead to a complete refund (if the payment was made within the last 30 days), and the connected websites will be banned from our network.

3 Can You Use PRO Plan on Client Websites?

No, you cannot use Rank Math PRO on your client websites. And, if you try to trick the system, your account might get blocked.

If you use Rank Math PRO on client websites and still get away with it, then there are still a few concerns you should be aware of.

4 Difference Between PRO, Business, and Agency Plans

The following sections will give a clear picture of our different Plans (PRO, Business and Agency):

4.1 Rank Math PRO

PRO plans are best suitable for bloggers, individuals & solopreneurs who only manage personal website(s). Being a PRO user you have the following benefits:

  • Unlimited Websites: You can manage unlimited personal websites.
  • 15 Content AI credits: You will be allotted a total of 15 Content AI credits that helps in optimizing your content for SEO.
  • Track 500 Keywords: You can track a total of 500 Keywords for ranking purposes.
  • 24/7 Support: Our dedicated support team will answer your queries anytime.

4.2 Rank Math Business

Our business plan is perfect for freelancers, businesses, & agency owners who provide SEO services to their clients. Benefits of owning a Business plan include:

  • Support for 100 client websites: Highly recommended for startups or agency who wants to manage and offer SEO services for upto 100 clients.
  • 125 Content AI credits: You will get a total of 125 Content AI credits that help in optimizing your content.
  • Track 10,000 Keywords: Compared to the PRO plan, here you will be able to track 10,000 ranking keywords.
  • 24/7 Priority Support: Our dedicated support team will answer your queries anytime. Besides, you will receive premium support from our team when you own a business license.

4.3 Rank Math Agency

Rank Math Agency Plan is perfect for agency owners who manage a high volume of clients’ websites. Our plan includes the following features:

  • Support for 500 Client Websites: You can provide SEO services & install Rank Math on upto 500 clients’ websites.
  • 600 Content AI Credits: To help your clients reap benefits out of content and SEO.
  • Track 50,000 Keywords: With the agency plan, you can track 50,000 keywords on your clients’ websites.
  • 24/7 Priority Support: Agency Plan users will get premium support from our team for your client websites, and all your queries will be answered with high priority.

5 Frequently Asked Questions

Do You Offer Monthly Memberships for PRO, Business, and Agency Plans?

Rank Math PRO, Business, and Agency plans are only available with an annual subscription. We do not offer monthly subscriptions.

6 Conclusion

That’s it! We hope this KB has cleared all your doubts, and if you are looking for more benefits & comparisons, we have you covered. In case that doesn’t help, you can always ping our support team, and we are always more than happy to answer all your queries and concerns.

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