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How Does Search Engine Rank Tracking Work?

In this knowledge-base article, we will discuss everything about the Rank Math PRO’s Rank Tracker feature.

Note: To take advantage of Rank Math PRO’s Rank Tracker, you’ll need to get started by connecting your Google Account with Rank Math.

Rank Tracker in Rank Math PRO

Rank Tracker has the ability to track the keyword performance of your selected keywords. You can enter the keywords in the Rank tracker and we will monitor its performance so that you have a clear picture of which keywords are performing well as compared to the others.

In order to use the Rank Tracker feature, head over to Rank Math > Analytics > Rank Tracker as shown below:

Navigate to the Rank Tracker tab

How to Add New Keywords to Track in the Rank Tracker?

In order to add new keywords click on the Add button as shown below:

Click Add

Then add the keyword that you want to track and click on Save.

Add Keywords and Click Save

Once done you can see the list of keywords that you want to track in the Keywords section.

Track your keywords

How Does the Rank Tracker Work?

Once you add a keyword in the Rank Tracker, Rank Math automatically processes your Google Search Console and Analytics data to pull in all necessary data for the keyword(s) you’ve added…

For example, we have shown the key information like the impressions, clicks, current search position (along with the positions gained/dropped in the last 30 days), CTR, and position history over the last few weeks for the keyword ultimate guide to content creation.

The functionality of Rank Tracker

If you click on a keyword it will bring up the post or a list of posts ranking for that tracked keyword:

Posts ranking for a keyword

How to Delete a Keyword in the Rank Tracker?

Rank Tracker lets you delete a particular keyword if you further do not wish to track its performance. However, deleting a keyword doesn’t remove its ranking data. You can add the keyword again to see the data once again. In order to do so, click the trash icon beside the keyword as shown below:

Delete the keyword from Rank Tracker

How to Check the Number of Keywords You Can Track?

Rank Tracker allows you to keep a check on the number of keywords that you can track. You can see the total number of keywords used, the number of keywords remaining, and the number of keywords allowed at the bottom of the Keyword Manager.

Check the number of keywords you can use

This is how you can make use of Rank Math’s Rank Tracker to keep an eye on your website’s performance for specific keywords you’re aiming to rank for. Built-in reporting and analytics functionality just like our Rank Tracker, is one of many reasons why Rank Math is the go-to WordPress SEO plugin for professionalsA good rank tracking tool alone can costs you a huge amount every month, but with Rank Math, this is built right in.

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