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Knowledge Base Articles

Getting Started

84 Articles

If you are new to Rank Math and just getting started with the options we provide - this is the perfect place. Here you can learn how to use most of the options effectively.

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Content AI

67 Articles

SEOs are already making the most of AI by using it to stay ahead of the curve. Don't get left behind and start using Content AI from Rank Math today to take your SEO to the next level.

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25 Articles

Analytics is one of the most important features of Rank Math. It is essential that you learn everything about it to make the most out of the functionality.

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24 Articles

Sitemaps help you inform search engines about the content present on your website. And we ensure that your Sitemaps are working perfectly and to the best of industry standards.

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19 Articles

If you are running into any account, payment, or billing related issues - we will walk you through each step to make sure your problem is tackled in a timely manner.

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12 Articles

We have not forgotten the developers. Rank Math is a developer friendly plugin and we offer options to customize Rank Math to any requirements you might have.

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73 Articles

There are hundreds of options Rank Math provides and we thrive to help you walk through each one of them. This section contains the KBs that do not fit other categories but are just as important as the rest.

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