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How to Migrate from Rank Math to All in One SEO Pack

As you know, Rank Math offers many powerful features – even in the version that’s freely available on the WordPress plugin repository – that are available only in the premium versions of other SEO plugins. And even our PRO version is budget-friendly, given that you can install them on as many sites as you’d like.

We’re sorry to see you go if you’ve decided to switch to the All In One SEO pack! We want to give you a heads up that most of the features you’re experiencing with Rank Math will not be ported over during the All In One SEO pack migration.

Note: If you were looking to migrate from All In One SEO to Rank Math, then follow this tutorial.

In this knowledgebase article, we’ll briefly discuss the features you’ll be missing after this migration and how your SEO performance could be affected if you don’t ensure similar on-page settings on your site.

1 Migrating from Rank Math to All In One SEO Pack

You can use either the All In One SEO plugin’s Setup Wizard or their Import/Export feature to migrate your Rank Math data to the All In One SEO Pack.

1.1 Using Configuration Wizard

When you launch the All In One SEO Setup Wizard, click the Let’s Get Started button.

Welcome to All In One SEO pack Setup Wizard

In the first step, you will be able to import data from your existing SEO plugins. Select Rank Math SEO and choose Import Data and Continue so that the All In One SEO plugin will import your data.

Click Import Data and Continue

1.2 Using Import/Export

You can also import Rank Math data when you navigate WordPress Dashboard → All In One SEO → Tools and choose the Import/Export tab.

Choose Rank Math SEO to import

Under Import Settings from Other Plugins section, choose Rank Math SEO from the drop-down list. Choose the All Settings checkbox and click Import.

You can notice that All In One SEO Plugin only imports your:

  • SEO Settings
  • Post Meta
  • Term Meta

And it means that — when you migrate from Rank Math to All In One SEO Plugin, your Redirections data and Schema Markup will not be ported over.

2 Rank Math Features You’ll Miss In All In One SEO

Most of the features you’ve enjoyed with Rank Math are not available at All In One SEO pack, and some of them are:

2.1 Content AI

With Rank Math’s Content AI, writing content is now as easy as 1,2,3…

Rank Math developed AI offers suggestions to assist writers in writing their article or blog post by providing just enough inspiration without being too overwhelming in terms of the amount of input utilized.

Content AI example

2.2 Extensive Schema Markup Types

Rank Math supports over 20 pre-defined Schema Markup types and offers a user-friendly interface so that you can implement sophisticated Schema Markup without writing a piece of code.

2.3 Custom Schema Markup Builder & Schema Templates

Apart from the pre-defined Schema Markup, Rank Math lets you create any other Schema Markup Type with custom properties using the Custom Schema Generator.

Rank Math Schema Generator

You can save your custom Schema Markup as Schema Templates and efficiently reuse them inside your articles.

2.4 Dedicated Analytics Module & Rank Tracker

Rank Math has a dedicated Analytics module that pulls out all vital information from your Search Console and displays them right inside your WordPress dashboard with useful insights.

Rank Math Analytics module

The Rank Tracker lets you keep track of your page’s search engine performance for specific keywords and lets you decide if you need to optimize the page further for better rankings.

2.5 Instant Indexing

Using Rank Math, you can submit your content ensuring your content gets indexed faster than the traditional methods. It is so easy that you need to set it and forget it, and Rank Math will automatically submit all your changes to the content and new articles to the search engines.

instant indexing

2.6 Redirections

Rank Math lets you add redirections within your dashboard without needing any additional plugin to perform this function.


2.7 Breadcrumbs

Rank Math lets you add Breadcrumbs to your website, which might not be offered even by your themes. In fact, Rank Math adds the corresponding Schema Markup by itself so that your breadcrumbs are even visible in the search engine results.

Rank Math Breadcrumbs feature

2.8 Client Site Management

Managing your client sites’ SEO becomes easy if you’re a PRO / Business / Agency user of Rank Math. You can check all the analytics data of your connected websites, right inside the Rank Math account area, without visiting each site to check their performance.

Rank Math Client Management dashboard

2.9 About and Mentions Schema

About and Mentions Schema is a unique feature available only in Rank Math. You can mark up your links inside the content with the About and Mentions Schema to help search engines understand and relate to different topics.

Rank Math About and Mentions Schema

2.10 Google URL Inspection

Rank Math SEO lets you check the index status of pages/ posts/ CPTs from your WordPress site with its URL Inspection API Integration feature.

Index status in Rank Math

3 SEO Impacts on Migration

When you migrate from Rank Math to the All In One SEO plugin, be sure to figure out a way or install additional plugins as some data that affect your website’s SEO will not be ported over during this migration.

3.1 Schema Markup Will Be Removed

When you migrate to the All In One SEO pack, your Schema Markup will not be imported. All In One SEO plugin offers some pre-defined Schema Markup implementation in their premium versions; however, If you are using custom Schema Markup inside your articles, you will not be able to find them on your website’s source code once you deactivate Rank Math.

Note: Rank Math does not hold responsibility for any data loss during migration to All In One SEO pack.

And, that’s it! If you’ve absolutely any questions about Rank Math & getting it working on your sites, feel free to reach our support team, and we’re always here to help.

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