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Google released an update to its spam detection system on June 20, 2024. The update targeted sites that engaged in practices that violate Google’s spam policies. It was completed on June 27, 2024. 

June 2024 Spam Update

Google’s Official Announcement

Google announced the June 2024 Spam Update in a post on X (formerly Twitter). 


Google also announced the update in a post on LinkedIn. However, it did not provide more information about the update on either platform.

Google's LinkedIn post announcing the June 2024 Spam Update

What Are People Saying?

In response to Google’s post, Barry Schwartz asked if this update was related to the algorithm component of the site reputation abuse update. Google Search Liaison confirmed it was not and promised to inform SEOs whenever the site reputation abuse algorithm update was released. 

For the records, the manual action component of the site reputation abuse update went live on May 5, 2024.

In another post, Barry Schwartz provided some insights into the June 2024 spam update. Glenn Gabe replied, saying this is just another “broad spam update” and not a link spam update or the algorithm component of the site reputation abuse update.

In an unrelated post, Glenn Gabe mentioned that many sites retained their traffic despite the update. However, he shared analytics reports of some sites that had lost traffic. 

In response to Google’s post announcing the update, Elmo Joeleht asked if spam meant “Small Publishers are Meaningless.” His question is evidence of the dissatisfaction smaller creators have with the recent Google updates that have repeatedly caused them to lose traffic to bigger publishers. 

Elena Dyulgerova shared the analytics reports of her site and asked if Google would take away her last six organic visitors with this update.

Previous Spam Updates

The June 2024 Spam Update is just one of the many Google spam updates we have documented. We have reported on earlier Google spam and link spam updates, including the following:

What’s Next – Dealing With This Update

As with any spam update, the June 2024 Spam Update is nothing to worry about for the most part. As long as you keep your site spam-free and comply with Google spam guidelines, you should not see a drop in your rankings. 

In the meantime, you should monitor your site with Rank Math Analytics. If you observe a drop in traffic, review your site for spam and follow the guide below for tips on recovering from an algorithm update. 

Rank Math Google Updates

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