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What is Google Knowledge Graph?

Google Knowledge Graph is a database that contains factual information about existent and nonexistent things. These things are collectively known as entities and could refer to people, places, organizations, events, landmarks, animals, plants, foods, books, and ideas.

Google introduced the knowledge graph in 2012. When it detects a searcher seeking factual information about an entity, it extracts the answer from the knowledge graph and displays it in the knowledge panel area of the search results page.

The knowledge panel is the information box displayed on the right-hand side of a desktop search results page.

Google Knowledge panel on desktop

On mobile, the knowledge panel is displayed among the top results on the search results page.

Google Knowledge panel on mobile

Google gathers information for its knowledge graph from various sources, including trusted databases and websites like Wikipedia and the CIA World Factbook. It also allows entities mentioned in the database to edit their data. 

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