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What is Breadcrumb? 

A breadcrumb is a navigational aid that shows visitors their location on a website. It shows the visitor the relationship between the homepage or entry page and the page they’re currently viewing.

Breadcrumb navigation
Breadcrumbs can be categorized into:

  • Location-based breadcrumbs
  • Attribute-based breadcrumbs
  • Path-based breadcrumbs

Let us address the types of breadcrumbs one by one.

Location-based Breadcrumbs

Location-based breadcrumbs show the visitor their current location in the website hierarchy. They begin with a link to the homepage, followed by links to the category and subcategories, before terminating with the title of the current page. 

Location-based breadcrumb

Attribute-based Breadcrumbs

Attribute-based breadcrumbs show the visitor the filters applied to the webpage. They are mostly used on ecommerce sites.

Attribute-based breadcrumb

Path-based Breadcrumbs

Path-based breadcrumbs, also called history-based breadcrumbs, show visitors how they got to the current page. Instead of displaying the pages the visitor visited before arriving at the current page, this breadcrumb usually displays a Back button to redirect the visitor to the previous page.

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