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How to Fix Aggregate Rating Error

In this knowledge-base article, we’ll discuss the aggregate rating error and exactly how to fix it with the help of Rank Math.

What is Aggregate Rating Error?

If you have a website that uses WooCommerce, you’ll likely notice that the errors are generally about various products on your archive or category pages. 

You might notice the aggregate rating error in Google’s Rich Results Test or in your Google Search Console report which means that the aggregateRating value is empty.

Why You Should Fix This Error?

Google utilizes the Schema Markup (structured data) to get a better understanding of your content. And, if your website is able to deliver content that makes it easy for the search engines to understand, the results can be eligible for special SERP features, also known as rich results. Not only this but it also results in greater visibility and voice search domination.

If you get your product schema right then you can cherish these kinds of results. You can read our guide on How to Use Product Schema for WooCommerce Products that will help you to understand how to use the product schema and get rich results.

How Does Rank Math Help to Solve the Aggregate Rating Error?

Rank Math automatically converts the data from your product pages to Schema Markup the Schema data from your product pages automatically and turns it into Schema-ready content. Likewise, the aggregateRating and review fields are picked up from your actual product reviews that your buyers/customers leave on your products. So if you are using WooCommerce Product Schema then you need to acquire some reviews on your product in order to fix this automatically.

If you ever write any kind of review on your website, then you should do what you can to utilize Rich Snippets so that you can boost the effort you put into that review already.

On all Schema types, aggregateRating will only be a warning (in yellow) and can be ignored. Or, you can use 3rd party plugins to add user ratings because Rank Math only has the option to add author review (added by the post author and not visitors).

We hope that this article has helped you solve the Aggregate Rating Error. However, if you still have any queries please feel free to contact our support team and they’d be happy to help you at any given time.

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