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WooCommerce Products Page is Misaligned When Using Rank Math

It is possible for the columns on the WooCommerce Products page in the WordPress admin area to be misaligned (i.e. not aligned properly). Evidently, this could be quite annoying as you can’t get a proper view of your products to make any changes.

WooCommerce Products Alignment

In the event that you ever encounter this error on your website, you’ll be pleased to hear that there is a quick fix – here’s how to realign the elements on this page:

Open the Screen Options menu, by clicking at the top right of the WordPress admin area when on the WooCommerce Products page.

Screen Options

In the Screen Options menu, you can easily select only the columns that you wish to appear and then click on Apply.

Products Aligned

Doing this and excluding any of the misaligned columns will realign & make it easier to view your WooCommerce products page again.

WooCommerce Products Screen Aligned

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