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How to Update Rank Math Manually

Please note, in this tutorial – we’ll focus on the steps to manually update Rank Math PRO. That being said, you can follow the same steps for the free version of Rank Math as well as any plugin for that matter.

Updating Rank Math manually is extremely easy – let’s take a look at the manual update process step by step:

How to Update Rank Math PRO

1 Check Whether You Have the Latest Version of Rank Math Installed

The easiest way to check whether you’re on the latest, most up-to-date version of Rank Math is by heading to Rank Math SEO → Status & Tools → Version Control (in your WordPress site’s admin area), and as shown below, this is what you’ll see if you are, in fact on the latest version:


Alternatively, Refer To Our Changelog To See What The Latest Current Version Is

You can check the latest version of Rank Math by visiting the official Rank Math Changelog.

Rank Math Changelog

You can then check which version you are running from WordPress → Plugins.

check version

2 Download Rank Math PRO

To begin with, navigate to your Rank Math account area to download Rank Math PRO.

Download Rank Math PRO

3 Upload the Plugin to WordPress

Once you have downloaded the Rank Math PRO files from your account, then go to Plugins → Add New.


Here is a GIF to help you further:

install and upload rank math pro

Then click on Upload Plugin in your dashboard.

Upload plugin manually

Once you choose the file from the File Browser, then click on Install Now.

choose the pro file

Once you click on Install Now, you will see the screen as shown below.

Click on Replace current with uploaded.

replace the previous version

Note: The above option only shows if you have WordPress 5.5 or above. If you are using an older WordPress version, you must delete Rank Math PRO and upload an updated version. Deleting the plugin will not remove any data as the data is stored in the DB, and installing an updated version will bring back the data.

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