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How to Migrate from Rank Math to Yoast?

Rank Math is the only free WordPress SEO plugin with such a wide range of features as compared to any other plugin.

Rank Math’s Schema Markup helps you to rank higher and make your website SEO-friendly. However, if you chose to migrate to Yoast SEO then you will definitely miss this extremely important feature as the Schema Markup will not be ported over during the migration process.

With a little knowledge and experimentation, you can utilize Redirections in Rank Math to help your users and the search engines find the correct pages on your website.  It basically records all 404 error logs with the option to redirect those requests to other pages on the site. Yoast SEO does not provide these features and these features will not be ported over if you decide to leave Rank Math SEO and switch to Yoast SEO.

The SEO score determines how well your website contributes to the user-facing and technical aspects of your site and ultimately results in higher rankings and gains organic traffic. With the help of Rank Math, the entire process is very simple as you can track the SEO performance of the individual posts. You will miss this important feature if you decide to head over to Yoast SEO.

Once you have Yoast installed, you can import the settings from the Yoast’s import menu.

Import from other SEO Plugins - Yoast

However, note that Rank Math does not take any responsibility for any kind of data loss during the migration to Yoast.

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