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How to Migrate from Rank Math to Yoast

Rank Math is the only free WordPress SEO plugin with such a wide range of features compared to any other plugin. If you choose to migrate from Rank Math to Yoast SEO, you’ll lose some important features offered by Rank Math, such as the Schema Markup implementation, as they’ll not be ported during the migration process.

1 What Information You’ll Lose If You Migrate to Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO allows you to import data from Rank Math from their Import and Export Settings— however, the migration is limited only to the metadata like SEO titles, descriptions, and key phrases.

Import data from Rank Math to Yoast

As you can notice from the above image, the data imported by Yoast SEO is limited — and what it means is that Yoast SEO will not be migrating:

  • Your Rank Math Settings
  • Schema Markup added to your posts
  • Redirections created & active on your website (feature available only in Premium version of Yoast SEO)

2  Rank Math Features You’ll Miss In Yoast SEO

Rank Math offers a lot of features which are not available in Yoast SEO, they are as follows:

2.1 Content AI

Rank Math is the first WordPress SEO Plugin to use Artificial Intelligence, and it takes the hassle out of writing. The Content AI feature helps create the best content for your visitors and ensures that your search engine rankings are worthy.

Content AI

2.2 About and Mentions Schema

Rank Math offers About and Mentions Schema that helps understand what topics your page is about and what other topics the page mentions.

About and Mentions Schema in Rank Math

Rank Math’s integration with the Google Trends tool(Rank Math PRO only) helps you check the search trends for keywords and compare them. This tool makes it extremely simple to visually compare different keywords, check the search trends and choose the best target keyword for your post.

Google Trends Integration


2.4 Modular Based System

Rank Math uses a modular approach, which means that you can pick and choose exactly which features you want to enable on your site. Users who want to take full advantage of everything the plugin has to offer can just as easily enable the modules as and when needed.

Enable/Disable Modules in Rank Math

2.5 Complete Divi Integration

Rank Math is the first SEO plugin to offer complete Divi integration. Without leaving Divi’s visual editing experience, you can set custom meta titles and descriptions, configure Schema Markup, set custom Canonical URLs, and much more.

Divi Integration

2.6 Client Management Dashboard

Rank Math provides a dedicated client management dashboard for Business and Agency users to manage all of their client websites in one spot. Furthermore, Rank Math provides support for their client’s websites.

Client Management Dashboard

2.7 Track Top 5 Winning/Losing Keywords

Rank Math allows you to track your website’s top 5 winning and losing keywords. With a list of your best-performing keywords, you will know how your site performs under the hood and what SEO techniques you can use to improve your rankings.

Top 5 winning keywords

3  SEO Impacts Due to Migration

With every change in the website comes challenges – especially in terms of SEO. While migrating from one plugin to another, we recommend ensuring that all your SEO settings are intact not to have any adverse effects.

3.1 Schema Markup Will Be Removed

Rank Math’s Schema Markup helps rank higher and make your website SEO-friendly. However, if you migrate to Yoast SEO, you will definitely miss this essential feature. The Schema Markup will not be ported over during the migration process.

3.2 Redirections Will Not Work

With a little knowledge and experimentation, you can utilize Redirections in Rank Math to help your users and the search engines find the correct pages on your website.  It basically records all 404 error logs with the option to redirect those requests to other pages on the site.

Yoast SEO does not provide these features, and these features will not be ported over if you decide to leave Rank Math SEO and switch to Yoast SEO. This would further result in losing the important search engine rankings for your website.

3.3 Manually Set Similar Settings

As we mentioned earlier, Yoast SEO will not import Rank Math settings. Hence, you’ll have to manually configure settings (like Sitemap settings, Image SEO, etc.) inside Yoast SEO. If not done, your search engine rankings can be affected.

However, note that Rank Math does not take any responsibility for any kind of data loss during the migration to Yoast.

And, that’s it! If you’ve absolutely any questions about Rank Math & getting it working on your sites, feel free to reach our support team directly from here – we’ll be joining the conversation!

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