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How to Set a Keyword Tracking Limit Per Website in the Business License

Rank Math allows you to set keyword tracking limits for each website in your Business/Agency account. In this knowledgebase article, we’ll walk you through how to set a keyword tracking limit for your websites right from your Rank Math account area.

1 Set Keyword Limit for Specific Site

In order to optimize your SEO efforts, it’s critical that you know how many keywords you are ranking for on each page of your site. Please follow the below-mentioned steps to set the keyword limit for a specific site.

1.1 Login to Rank Math Account

In order to achieve this, you need to login into your Rank Math account, which you’ve used to purchase the Business/Agency License.

1.2 Open Websites Section

Once you are logged in, head over to the Websites section from the left sidebar to access the Client Management dashboard.

Open Websites section from Rank Math account area

In the Websites section, you can see the list of your connected websites.

Connected websites in Rank Math Client Management dashboard

1.3 Set Keyword Limit

To set a keyword tracking limit for your website, click on the Set Limit, and then enter the limit you want to set. Once done, click on the Save button.

Set keyword tracking limit in Client Management dashboard

1.4 Check Your Site’s Keyword Limit in Rank Tracker

Now, you can head over to your WordPress dashboard to verify if the keyword limit has been set. Navigate to Rank Math SEO → Analytics → Rank Tracker, and here you can check the keyword limit at the bottom of the screen, as shown below.

Keyword limit set in Rank Tracker

2 Set Keyword Limit in Bulk

Use Rank Math’s bulk keyword options to set the keyword limits in bulk to all websites that do not have a limit set before.

2.1 Navigate to Business/Agency Settings

To do so, login to your Rank Math account, and open the Websites section. Scroll down until you see Business/ Agency Settings

Business/ Agency settings for changing Bulk limit of tracked keywords in Rank Math.

2.2 Default Tracked Keywords Limit

Once you set this limit, the default keyword limit will be set automatically on all your websites or clients’ websites.

However, with this option, you won’t be able to change the limits to any of the existing sites connected with Rank Math’s Business license.

Default Tracked Keywords limit

2.3 Bulk Limit Tracked Keywords

You can change the keywords limit in bulk here and it would be set to all your Business websites that do not have set the limits before.

But please note, this limit does not apply to websites where the keyword limit has been set already.

Bulk limit Tracked Keywords

2.4 Save Changes & Check Site’s Rank Tracker

Once you set the keyword limit, push the yellow button- SAVE CHANGES, to effect any changes made. Then navigate to Rank Math SEO → Analytics → Rank Tracker, to see if changes are reflected.

Open Rank Tracker

You can also add keywords manually until you finish the quota. The quota here means the limit you’ve set on either Default Tracked Keywords Limit or Bulk Limit Tracked Keywords.

Click Add button in Keyword Manager

Rank Math will also display the total number of keywords used, how much more is remaining to add, and the allowed limit (you’ve set in previous steps).

Total Keyword limit and the balance remaining to be added

Note: The keyword limits for the agency plan are entirely different from the business plan in Rank Math. With the agency license, you can track 50,000 keywords that you are ranking for, whereas, on your Business Plan, you will be able to track only 10,000 keywords. If you are looking to upgrade your present plan, you can check this KB to understand how to upgrade to Rank Math Business/ Agency.

And, that’s it! This is how you can set your keyword tracking limit for your websites in the Business/Agency License with the help of Rank Math. If you still have absolutely any questions on setting keyword limits, please feel free to reach our support team directly from here, and we’re always here to help.

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