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JobPosting Schema Type

If your website has pages with content regarding job posts – this is where the JobPosting Schema type comes in. Fortunately, taking advantage of JobPosting Schema on any number of pages on your website couldn’t be easier than it is with the help of Rank Math.

How to Add JobPosting Schema Markup to Your Posts/Pages

Before we begin, you’ll need to ensure that Rank Math’s Schema Module has been enabled on your website by navigating to Rank Math > Dashboard in your WordPress admin area.

In this tutorial, we’ll walk you through how to use the JobPosting Schema type on a post or page as well as the various available settings for it – let’s get started:

1 Edit Your Post or Page

To add the HowTo Schema Type first head to the edit page for that post, by clicking Edit as shown below:

Edit the post

2 Open Rank Math In The Gutenberg Sidebar

Click on the Rank Math SEO icon that displays alongside this post/page’s SEO score to open the SEO settings for this page.

Or alternatively, click the three vertical dots in the top right-hand corner of the edit page and selecting Rank Math in the Plugins section – as shown below:

Click on Rank Math

3 Navigate to the Schema Settings for This Post/Page

Click on the Schema tab and then click on Schema Generator.

Click on Schema Generator

4 Navigate to Rank Math’s Schema Builder

Click on Use to open the Schema Builder.

click on use

The Schema Builder will show up with the options as shown below:

Job Posting Schema Builder

Now, let’s have a closer look at each of the available options in detail.

JobPosting Schema Type Setup & Available Options

1 Headline

Enter the headline of the job posting here. Depending on your post, you can use the title of the post using variables, or write a new enticing headline. 

Enter the headline

2 Description

Enter the description of the job in this field. Add all the necessary details about the job to make the job appealing to potential candidates. You can make use of the variables to access your metadata and use it alongside your default post description.

Enter the job description

3 Shortcode

Copy and paste the shortcode from here into your post.

Shortcode - Job Posting Schema

4 Salary Currency

Enter the ISO code of the currency that the salary will be paid in. Fill this field correctly.

Enter the currency

5 Salary

Enter the recommended salary in numbers in the Salary(Recommended) option. Also, select the time period for the salary to be paid from the drop-down list. The options are Yearly, Monthly, Weekly, Daily, Hourly, None.

Enter the salary details

6 Date Posted

Enter the date and time when the job was posted with the help of a date and time picker.

Enter Date Posted

7 Posting Expiry Date

Enter the date when the job posting will expire with the help of a date and time picker.

Posting Expiry Date

8 Unpublish when Expired

It is just not great if you find an excellent job opportunity but it expired a few months or days ago. In order to prevent this, the Rich Result guidelines state that once the job posting is expired that particular post should be taken down.

With the help of Rank Math, you can easily control the post when the job listing expires. If you enable this setting, then the Rank Math will convert the post to “Draft” status and will return a 404 error.

Unpublish when expired

For a job, you might either require a full-time employee or maybe an intern. In this field, you select the Employment Type from the various options available as shown below.

Select Employment Type

10 Hiring Organization

Enter the name of the organization that has posted the job in this field. You can leave it in a blank state to use your own company details.

Enter the name of the company

If the company that has posted the job owns a website then enter the Website URL in this field. If you leave this field blank, then your information will be used in this field.

Enter the company's website

Enter the URL of the logo of the organisation posting the job.

Enter the logo of the organziation

Enter a unique ID for a specific job. You can ask the employer to provide you a unique ID or you can enter one yourself for record-keeping. If you leave the field empty, then the post ID will be used instead.

Enter the posting ID

14 Is Telecommute Job PRO

Enable this option only if the job posting is a completely remote job.

Is Telecommute Job - Job Posting Schema

Note: Search engines recommend marking up the job as ‘Telecommute’ only when it is 100% remote and shall not be used when jobs only allow occassional work-from-home or anything similar.

15 Remote Job Location PRO

If you’ve marked the job as remote in the previous setting, then Rank Math will enable the Remote Job Location option. You need to specify at least one country from which applicants are eligible for this job. You can click the Add Property Group to add remote locations.

Remote Job Location - Job Posting Schema

16 Address

Enter the details of the address of the employer who is posting the job. You can add the Street Address, Locality, Region, Postal Code, Country in this section. You can skip these address details for a remote job.

Enter the Address details

17 Use Exp in place of Education PRO

If the employer considers experience in place of any formal educational qualification for the job role, then set this option to true. When you set this property to true, you’ll have to include both the Education Required and Experience Required properties, which are to be followed.

Use Exp in place of Education - Job Posting Schema

18 Education Required PRO

Click Add Property Group to add all the educational requirements for the job. You can click the drop-down list to find different educational levels.

The option No Requirements is to be used only when the job does not have any educational requirement. If you’re unsure of the educational requirements, do not add this property.

Education Required - Job Posting Schema

19 Experience Required PRO

Enter the minimum experience required in months that candidates should possess to apply for this job. If the job does not have any minimum experience, then use the value 0.

Experience Required - Job Posting Schema

And, that’s it! Once you’ve finished adding all of the details regarding your job post in their respective fields in Rank Math’s Schema Builder, simply click on Save for this Post.

Then, simply update the page as you normally would after making a change or click Publish (if this is a newly created post/page). And, as we recommend doing whenever making adjustments to Schema Markup, we then recommend you proceed to validate this page’s Schema with the help of Google’s Rich Results Testing Tool.

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