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How To Find Keywords Your Site Is Already Ranking For

At some point, people that own or work on a website are bound to ask the big SEO question – what keywords does my site actually already rank for?

Executing a strong keyword strategy and optimizing your content (SEO) is the key to success in the competitive Google rankings. But having a great keyword strategy is just the first step; to improve your strategy continually, you must measure the results. You definitely need to know your keyword rankings to get a firm understanding of what searchers look for to land on your site. Plus, this information will also form the basis for your further analysis.

In this knowledgebase article, we’re going to walk you through how to find out the keywords you are ranking for. But, before we begin, let’s look at some of the important reasons why knowing what keywords your rank for—and their rankings – is vitally important for your website’s success.

The Importance to Find out the Keywords You Rank For

1 Troubleshoot the Traffic Drops

Traffic drops occur due to various reasons such as Google algorithm update, a technical glitch on your site, a penalty or manual action by the Google spam team, or maybe something else entirely. The best way of understanding which pages and keywords are most effective is by checking your keyword rankings.

2 Keep a Check on Your Competitors

You can keep a check on your competitors by analyzing the changes they make on their web pages and optimizing your own site to beat them. Based on the insights, you can also choose to enhance your content to solidify your rankings or launch new pages to outrank the competitors for the keywords they rank for.

3 Target Relevant Keywords

If you are aware of the keywords that your webpage ranks for, it’s easy to remove irrelevant keywords that don’t result in high rankings of the page. Instead, you may use these keywords to develop new content relevant to the search intent and drive even more relevant traffic to your website.

4 Identify Easy-Target Keywords

By studying the rankings data, you can determine which high-traffic web pages require a little extra attention to achieve page 1 rankings with little optimization work such as clearer metadata, more links, user experience issues, etc. This will help you produce good results at a faster pace.

5 Rankings Present You with a Data You Can Report On

Rankings present you with a report that provides a bird’ eye view of the overall optimization of your posts. It’s easier to find out how many keywords have started ranking recently, their exact positions, and their traffic volumes. You can then utilize the data and keep a check on how rankings change over time.

How To Find Keywords Your Site Is Already Ranking For with Rank Math

Rank Math makes it very easy to find out the keywords you’re ranking for and can help you keep a finger on the pulse of your website and even reveal keywords that are not getting any clicks.

1 Track Keywords for the Entire Website

To track the keywords for your entire website, navigate to the Keywords section from your WordPress dashboard, which is further located under Rank Math > Analytics as shown below:

Track Keywords for the entire website

Here, you can track the keywords for your entire website that helps you track the ranking or the position of your website in the search engine. You’ll find a list of all the keywords and search phrases that your website is displayed for in search. Moreover, besides seeing the list of keywords, you can also see each keyword’s ranking position, search volume, CTR, and much more data to help you understand how promising a keyword is in driving traffic. You can then utilize this data to optimize your website with an appropriate plan in action.

You can also track top-five winning keywords if you are using the Rank Math PRO, which makes it extremely easy to see (at a glance) how content is performing on your website. In addition, we have dedicated a complete tutorial that’ll help you understand Rank Math’s Analytics feature in detail.

2 Track Keywords for a Particular Post

To track keywords for a particular post, navigate to the Keywords section from your WordPress dashboard, which is further located under Rank Math > Analytics > Site Analytics as shown below:

Track Keyword for a particular post

Click on the post, and in the Keyword section, you’ll see how the keyword for a particular post performs in the search engines. Rank Math showcases the top 5 keywords that have jumped the most number of search positions or lost the most number of search positions under the top 5 winning or top 5 losing keywords, respectively.

Keyword Analysis in Rank Math

The Rest of the Keywords section is where Rank Math shows up the data about how your posts are performing. You will see the keywords you are ranking for, the number of impressions you are getting for these keywords, the clicks you are winning, your CTR, and your average position.

By analyzing the data provided by Rank Math and performing some optimization work to your posts that target the keywords that are not ranking, you’ll be able to get on SERPs for those keywords sooner and will skyrocket your traffic. If you still have any questions about how to find out the keywords you’re ranking for – you’re always more than welcome to contact our dedicated support team. They are available 24/7, 365 days a year…

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