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Setting Your Homepage Meta Title and Description

You can easily set the Meta Title and Description of the homepage with the help of the Rank Math. Let’s take a look at exactly how to do this:

1 Navigate to Your Titles & Meta Settings

In order to set the Meta Title and Description of your homepage you need to go to Rank Math > Titles & Meta > Homepage. Click on Save Changes to save your changes.

Title and Meta Description of Homepage

2 Enter Your Desired Title & Description

You can then enter your Homepage Title in the Homepage Title Section and make use of the various variables that are available in the drop-down list.

Homepage Title

Below is an example of what the output would look like if you use the sitename variable when your site name is simply “Rank Math”:

Homepage Title for Rank Math

You can enter your Homepage Description in the Homepage Meta Description section. You can make use of the variables from the drop-down list.

Homepage Meta Description

The below example shows the Description of Rank Math:

Example- Meta Description

3 Edit Your Homepage Directly

You can also edit the page directly from Rank Math > Titles & Meta > Homepage as shown below:

Edit Homepage

Once you click Edit page, you’ll be redirected to the regular edit screen for pages in WordPress where you can use Rank Math in the sidebar (if you’re using the Gutenberg Block editor) or use the Classic Editor’s Meta Box.

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