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How to Export Keywords Using Rank Math

Rank Math lets you export the focus keywords you’ve used on posts, pages, and custom post types to a CSV file so that you can share it with your team or use the data for further processing. In this knowledgebase tutorial, we will show you how you can export keywords using Rank Math.

Exporting Keywords in CSV PRO

The feature to export post meta to a CSV file is available only in Rank Math PRO. If you haven’t installed Rank Math PRO yet, you can pick a PRO membership of your choice from here.

To export the focus keywords you’ve used in the posts and pages, you can follow the exact steps discussed below.

1 Navigate to Rank Math Import & Export

At first, head over to Rank Math SEO → Status & Tools → Import & Export inside your WordPress admin area. If the Import & Export tab is unavailable for you, then ensure that you’ve switched to the Advanced Mode in Rank Math.

Navigate to Rank Math Import and Export

2 Export CSV

Scroll down the page to find the CSV File section and then navigate to the Export CSV tab.

Click the Export tab

Under the Export CSV tab, you can select the metadata to export, specifically for posts, terms, and users. For exporting keywords, you only require the metadata of posts; hence you can unselect the remaining two options.

In case if you want to export keywords only from specific post types, then you can select the Use advanced options checkbox (marked by 1). Now the Posts metadata will be expanded, and here, you can select only the specific post types you require, as shown below.

Export CSV advanced options

Once you’ve selected the post types, click the Export button. Now the CSV file with the post metadata will be downloaded to your computer.

3 Open CSV with Spreadsheet Editor

Open the CSV file with any spreadsheet editor of your choice. You could notice the spreadsheet contains several columns; that’s because Rank Math has exported all its metadata associated with posts.

Exported CSV in spreadsheet editor

4 Remove Additional Columns

Now in the spreadsheet, you can delete all the columns except the focus_keyword column. This column holds the complete list of keywords you’ve used on your website.

Exported focus keywords

As you can see from the above image, a cell may include more than one keyword separated by a comma. This is because Rank Math has exported the data on a post basis. Hence all the focus keywords you’ve used on a post are grouped in a single cell.

Similarly, if you haven’t set a focus keyword for a post, then you may come across a blank cell, as Rank Math does not have any keyword data to add for that post.

Considering the format you require and the spreadsheet editor being used, you can customize this keywords data and use it for further processing in your SEO analysis.

And, that’s it. We hope the tutorial was helpful in exporting your focus keywords to a CSV file. If you still have any questions on exporting metadata to CSV with Rank Math, then feel free to reach our support team directly from here, and we’re always here to help.

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