How To Add A Search Bar To WordPress Menu

No one can deny that a search bar is a vital website component. This is because a website’s homepage, product, blog, pricing, and other pages offer a wealth of information. You might want to add a search bar to your WordPress site and save your visitors’ precious time.

How will you find information scattered across multiple pages? Will you find them individually visiting those pages? You certainly don’t want to do so. Not that you won’t find the information you need this way, but it’s time-consuming. This is when including a search bar on your website comes in handy.

You can add a search bar from the widgets section or with the help of a plugin, making it easy for your visitors to search for their content without any hassle. So without further ado, let’s get started.

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How to Embed Tweets in WordPress – The Easy Way

Are you looking to embed tweets in WordPress site?

Tweets are the social media format taken over the web for a long time. They’re short, simple, shareable, and can be embedded on blogs, websites, and emails.

Tweeting is fun, but sometimes you want to share content that didn’t quite cut your timeline. Maybe you saw a hilarious meme or read an article you wanted to share with your followers but didn’t have the time to write a full blog post. So how do you find, read, and share tweets on the web?

Embedding tweets in WordPress lets you share content from Twitter without leaving your site. It’s easy to do with or without a plugin, and your readers will love it.

In this article, we’ll explain how to embed tweets in your WordPress site without hiring a developer to do it for you.

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How to Delete All Comments on WordPress?

Do you want to delete all comments from your WordPress site but don’t have the time to do it one at a time?

Normally, you would not delete every comment, but there may be times when this is necessary. If that’s the case, you’ll discover that WordPress isn’t set up to manage bulk comment deleting. WordPress can shift many comments to the trash bin at once, but not all of them can be deleted simultaneously.

As a result, eliminating each one would take a significant amount of time and work. Hence finding a rapid method for bulk deleting comments becomes a priority.

This post will explain how to delete all comments on WordPress in bulk using three different methods.

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How to Optimize Podcast for SEO?

Did you know? According to Statista, nearly 6 in every ten of all US consumers above the age of 12 listen to podcasts.

The reason being listeners find podcasts more engaging, and most people tune in to learn something new. This engaging factor substantiates why US podcast ad spending growth is expected to surpass $2 billion by 2023, which is a 27% year-over-year growth.

Not surprising, even search engines like Google have already recognized the potential of podcasts and feature rich results to enable them to stand out in search results.

So, if you’re planning to explore this marketing channel – you’ll find what you need in this guide.

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How to Add Expires Headers To Your WordPress Website

Have you ever come across a suggestion like “add expires headers”? You are not alone if you have. It’s one of the most typical website performance advice you’ll hear when you first start optimizing your site.

If you manage a WordPress website, you’re probably always looking for new methods to make your site faster. Adding expires headers is one such option.

Expires headers are rules that tell web browsers whether to load images from the visitor’s browser cache or your server. These can help your website run more smoothly. You can either add expires headers manually or with the help of a plugin.

This post will explain what expires headers are and how they affect your site. Also, we’ll show you step-by-step methods on how to add expires headers in WordPress.

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