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Introducing Google Analytics 4 Integration in Rank Math

Introducing Google Analytics 4 Integration in Rank Math

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At Rank Math, we’ve worked closely with the Google team on the GA4 integration, and we’re extremely excited to announce that the complete integration of Google Analytics 4 is now available for users with the latest version of Rank Math.

Rank Math was and always will be the first to introduce revolutionary SEO features inside WordPress, and this time also, we are the first SEO plugin to implement GA4 Integration.

Rank Math Analytics

1 Google Analytics 4

In case you do not know, Google Analytics 4 is a more intelligent version of Analytics that makes use of advanced machine learning models to identify significant trends and insights from your analytics data.

Google Analytics 4 is built with a data measurement model that uses events and parameters. This is completely different from the age-old measurement model of Google Analytics 3 (otherwise known as Universal Analytics), which relies on the sessions and pageviews.

On the core, Google Analytics 4 is set to replace Universal Analytics altogether as the default experience with Google Analytics. As it happens, Google has announced sunsetting Universal Analytics soon, hence you need to move over to GA4 sooner or later.

2 How Will Google Analytics 4 Help YOU?

Google Analytics 4 gives you a holistic view of how customers interact with your business across different platforms & channels and leaves essential insights on your table for making decisions.

Google Analytics new reporting

In addition to that, GA4 includes several advanced features to help you with such as:

  • Machine learning: Access to automatic insights and improved machine learning algorithms.
  • Better data accuracy: Less reliance on data sampling than in previous versions of Google Analytics, allow for a more complete and accurate picture of your user’s interactions with your website.
  • You can track events automatically.
  • Improved cross-app/device tracking: Making it easier to track interactions across websites and mobile apps.
  • Prevent spam data from logging.
  • Improved custom reporting: Giving you more power to create more in-depth reports about how users are interacting with your digital properties.
  • And many more!

Above all, GA4 is also built to keep up with the changing ecosystem that goes over privacy concerns and the data that gets tracked on websites.

3 Connecting Rank Math With Google Analytics 4

Since GA4 is the most intelligent version of Google Analytics so far and includes several advanced features, we highly recommend that you take our new GA4 integration for a spin. And if you’re ready to make the switch:

  1. Simply update Rank Math and Rank Math PRO to the latest version.
  2. Then reconnect Rank Math with your Google Account and follow through Rank Math’s intuitive interface to connect with your newly created or existing GA4 property.
  3. That’s it! Everything will be done on the fly.

Learn more about how to connect Rank Math to Google Analytics 4.

Create New Google Analytics 4 property

If you’ve absolutely any questions about this new feature, Tweet at @rankmathseo 💬

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