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What is a Dynamic URL?

A dynamic URL is a URL that is generated at runtime. It is generated the moment a user adds filters or enters a search term into a search engine or site.

Dynamic URLs are used on webpages that display content that differs from user to user. This includes Ecommerce, classified ads, social networking, and search engine results pages. 

Search engine results pages dynamic URL

Dynamic URLs are easily identifiable by their key-value pairs. These key-value pairs are called parameters. They indicate the filters or search terms applied to the webpage. 

For example, color=black and size=38 are the key-value pairs present in the dynamic URL:

  • Color and Size are the keys
  • Black and 38 are the values of those keys

Together, both key-value pairs indicate the visitor only wants shoes of color black and size 38 to be displayed on the webpage.

A dynamic URL also contains a series of symbols called separators:

  • The question mark ? is used to separate the base URL and parameter
  • The equals to sign = is used to separate the key and value 
  • The ampersand & is used to separate two parameters
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