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What is Google Autocomplete?

Google Autocomplete is a feature that predicts the search query you’re typing into Google. It appears when you begin typing into the Google search bar.

Google Autocomplete

Autocomplete is intended to allow searchers to complete their searches faster. It updates in real-time and becomes more precise as you enter more characters into Google. It may also display additional information like images, dates, answers, definitions, sports results, and weather forecasts related to the predicted search term.

Google Autocomplete can display extra information

Autocomplete typically displays ten predictions on desktops and at least five on mobile. Some predictions will include small logos or images on their left sides. These images indicate Google has a knowledge graph on that topic.

Logos and images indicate Google has a knowledge graph about that topic

Autocomplete makes its predictions from search queries previously entered into Google. It can also predict words and phrases similar to word patterns found on the internet. However, it takes certain points into consideration, including:

  • The location of the searcher
  • The language of the search query
  • Trending searches related to the query
  • The searcher’s past searches

Google explicitly mentions that Autocomplete offers predictions and not suggestions. The feature is intended to help the searcher complete their search quicker and not to suggest new search terms to search for. 

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