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How to Remove the Category Base From WordPress

1 Install Rank Math

The very first step, if you haven’t already – is to install & setup Rank Math.

2 Enable The “Strip Category Base” Setting

You can locate the Strip Category Base Option in Rank Math > General > Settings > Links.

Strip Category Base

1. The Strip Category Base option will basically remove the category names on the post URLs. This will result in cleaner URLs and redirect them without causing 404 errors.

2. The Links Strip Category Base option will only affect post categories. If you enable this option, Rank Math will strip the “category” part of the URL and make the URL shorter. For example, if you have a post with a URL as:


By enabling the Strip Category Base option the URL will look like:


If you like shorter URLs, then enable this option. However, there is no guarantee that removing the category from the URL will improve your rankings.

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