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Setting Canonical URLs in Rank Math

The Canonical URL is needed in order to avoid duplicate content issues. For example, you could have products that can be found on more than one URL. In order to avoid confusion for the search engines, you can inform them about the original content with the help of a Canonical URL. Fortunately, changing your canonical URLs with the help of Rank Math couldn’t be easier.

Note that you should not mix marking posts/pages/products etc. as “noindex” with setting a custom canonical URL. In this article, we’ll walk you through exactly how to change canonical URLs on your website:

1 Edit the Post/Page

At first you need to edit the post/page by clicking on the Edit as shown below:

Click on Edit

2 Navigate to the Advanced Tab of Rank Math

Once you are in your post/page then navigate to the advanced tab of the Rank Math in your editor. If you are not seeing the advanced tab, please enable the advanced mode from WordPress Dashboard > Rank Math > Dashboard.

Navigate to the Advanced tab

3 Change the Canonical URL

You can then change the Canonical URL to point to the main source of your content. The Canonical URL informs the search crawlers of the main page if you have pages or posts with similar content.

Below screenshot is for reference only.

Add the canonical URL

4 Save the Post

Then, once you’re done setting your canonical URL – simply update the page as you normally would after making a change or click Publish if this is a newly created page.

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