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Why Should You Avoid Group Buying and Sharing Rank Math PRO Subscription?

Group buying can help you get access to your favorite SEO tool at a low cost, but it also comes along with potential security risks and limited access to features. For that concern, we always recommend our users avoid group buying as well as sharing your Rank Math PRO subscription.

In this Knowledge Base article, we’ll discuss why you should avoid group buying and sharing your Rank Math PRO subscription with others.

1 Account Owner Has Access to Client Management Dashboard

Rank Math subscription includes a Client Management dashboard that gives you an overview of all the sites connected with your Rank Math account.

Client Management dashboard

So when you choose to go with group buying options, the account owner will have access to your site’s Analytics overview (Search Impressions, Clicks, Keywords, Traffic, etc), and above all, the account owner has the ability to limit the keywords tracked and Content AI credits available to use.

Please Note: When the keywords and Content AI credits are limited from the Client Management dashboard, there is no way to override it from your WordPress dashboard.

2 Ability to Disconnect Rank Math Account From Your Website Anytime

The Client Management dashboard also allows the account owner to disconnect your website from the Rank Math account anytime without logging in to your site’s WordPress dashboard.

Disconnect connected website from Client Management dashboard

When your account owner disconnects your website, your website will lose access to the Rank Math account, and it’s also unfortunate that you will lose the following benefits:

  • Keyword suggestions from Google
  • Free Content AI credits (5 complementary Content AI credits for each Rank Math account)
  • SEO Analysis (over 30 dedicated SEO tests on your website)
  • Advanced Analytics module
  • Biweekly updates to Rank Math PRO
  • And more…

Note: In order to activate the plugin, group buying platforms may also request you to share your website login credentials with administrative access, which is an undesirable security risk.

3 SEO Performance Email Reports

Email Reporting is an exclusive feature of Rank Math that delivers the site’s SEO Performance reports directly to your inbox at a set interval. Here is how it would look like:

SEO Email reports

By default, Rank Math would deliver the Email Reports to the Rank Math Account ID the website is connected with.

Simply put, if you’ve purchased a Rank Math PRO subscription through a group buying option and enabled the Email Reporting feature of Rank Math, your website’s Email Reports will be delivered to the account owner.

4 Rank Math PRO Support Is Limited

When you go ahead with group buying, only the account owner will be able to open a support ticket in our PRO/Business forum.

Rank Math PRO/Business support forum

Considering that the account owner sharing access with you is unlikely, you’ll not be able to receive any help from the dedicated support team of Rank Math for any issues on your website associated with Rank Math PRO features.

Hence, for the above reasons, we recommend you to stay away from group buying options for the Rank Math PRO subscription and get one for yourself. Moreover, the pricing of Rank Math is reasonable and more affordable compared to the other SEO plugins available in the market. You can check more information about our pricing from here.

And, that’s it. If you still have absolutely any questions about Rank Math PRO, please feel free to reach our support team directly from here, and we’re always here to help.

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