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How to View Content AI History

Content AI makes it extremely easy to view your previous prompt outputs. So you don’t have to use additional words to regenerate the same output again.

In this Knowledgebase article, we will walk you through how to view the history tab in Content AI.

Note: This tutorial requires you to have the Content AI module enabled. This module can be enabled from WordPress Dashboard → Rank Math SEO and enable the Content AI module, as shown below.

Enable Content AI module

How to Access the History Tab in Content AI?

Let us now discuss how to access the history tab in Content AI.

1 Open Content AI

Start by heading over to Content AI by navigating to WordPress Dashboard → Rank Math SEO → Content AI.

2 Choose the History tab

From the list of available tabs, choose the History tab, as shown below

Navigate to Content AI History tab

3 Access Your Content AI History

Here, you can access all your past Content AI prompt outputs.

Content AI Outputs History

You may also choose to clear the past History to have a fresh slate for all your new prompts and outputs. To do so, click the Clear History button as shown below, and in the blink of your eye, all the previous outputs in the History tab will be cleared.

Clear Content AI History

Note: Once the Content AI History is cleared, there is no way to retrieve the previous outputs. So proceed with caution.

That’s it! We hope you were able to access the history tab in Content AI and access your past conversations. If you need our assistance or have any questions on Content AI, open a support ticket here, and our support team will be more than happy to help you.

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