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How to Change Date & Time on Your Posts/Pages

In this knowledgebase article, we’re going to walk through the steps on how to change time on your posts/pages.

1 Navigate to the Post/Page

At first, navigate to the post/page for which you want to change the time by clicking on Edit that you want to change the time.

Edit Post

On the post edit screen, under the Publish meta box, you’ll see the option to publish the post immediately. Right next to it, there is an edit link. Clicking on the edit link will display the post’s time and date settings.

Click on Edit Link

3 Set the Date and Time

Then set the date and time for your post/page. You can also choose a future date that will allow you to schedule the post to be published on that particular date and time.

Schedule Post for future date

If you set a past date, then it will update the date and change the post’s position in your site’s archive pages as shown below:

Past Date

Once you’ve updated the date and time in your posts/pages, Rank Math will automatically update your sitemap as well as the Schema & OpenGraph Tags for the post as well. If you still have any questions about managing the date & time associated with your content, feel free to reach out to our support team.

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