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Google seems to be rolling out yet another algorithm update, as SERP trackers show severe volatility on June 23, 2022. However, Google has not confirmed any algorithm on their part.

The May 2022 broad core update finished rolling out on June 9, 2022. While the volatility from the former update settled down, the current unconfirmed update stirred up another round of fluctuations in SERP.

What Are People Saying?

The volatility began on June 22nd and spiked on June 23rd. Several SEOs and webmasters are upset with the new round of fluctuations in SERP. Discussions are on forums, Search Engine Roundtable, and Twitter.

Here is what Glenn Gabe has noticed on volatility.

What Next – Dealing With This Update

Google has not officially announced rolling out any update during this period. Though Google has not commented on anything related to the update, we can interpret an unconfirmed update is rolling out, and this volatility may settle down in the next few days.

Since there are no official guidelines related to the update, there is nothing much you could do as of now, if your site has been negatively affected. We would recommend you to go through Rank Math’s Analytics in the coming days and look for any patterns in the rankings change, such as reversals from the core updates or on the likes, and work on improving the overall quality. Rank Math also includes a historical rank tracker to help you, deep-dive into this.

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