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Google made many changes to its algorithms in September, and Google’s September 2022 product reviews update is now completely rolled out. At the same time, the September 2022 broad core update is also completed.

The back-to-back algorithm updates are a signal to improve your content quality with valuable information.

Google’s Official Announcement

On Sep 20, Google announced the fifth product reviews algorithm update on Twitter. According to Google’s search ranking update page, “The rollout was complete as of September 26, 2022.”

ranking updates

According to the ranking updates page, the product reviews update will affect the English language product reviews website and e-commerce site.

Google also gives insight into the effects of broad core updates and product review updates on your site.

What Is the Product Reviews Update?

Product reviews update rewards high-quality and helpful review content that provides real value to their readers and demotes low-quality content.

Google has provided a helpful document for writing high-quality product reviews. If you’re stuck with creating high-quality review content, Google shares some useful questions to consider while creating product reviews, as shown below.

additional questions for product review

What Are People Saying?

Google overlaps its fifth product reviews update.

Here are some tweets from people in the SEO and reviewer community tweeting about the overlapping of updates:

What’s Next – Dealing With This Update

This update is beneficial for your helpful product review content that values user perspective. Keep an eye on your product review content to be more accurate and relevant to readers.

Take advantage of this product review update using Rank Math’s Pros and Cons feature of the Product Schema for editorial reviews. Our feature allows you to easily include positives and negatives of the product, which helps Google to understand your content better and features them in rich results. This leads your helpful content to gain more visibility in search results.


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