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SERP Tracking tools have picked up strong fluctuations on March 4, 2022. The volatility on search results peaked on March 4 but started to settle down in the following days.

While Google has not announced any update, it is interesting to note this unconfirmed update has occurred only a day after the page experience update for desktop has finished rolling out.

What Are People Saying?

Several SEO Experts and webmasters have noticed the ranking fluctuations in search results and left their views in the Twitter thread.

Google’s Official Response

Though the update seemed big, Google has not commented on this update. Not to forget, Google’s page experience update for desktop finished rolling out only a day before, and possibly, the unconfirmed update could be any delayed effects of this update.

What¬†Next¬†‚ÄstDealing With This Update

Since Google has not confirmed this update, it is advisable not to panic and wait for a few weeks to see if your rankings have stabilized. If the changes are not reverted and your site continues to lose rankings, the best advice would be to dive deep into the ranking fluctuations and see if you could find any pattern. Rank Math includes a feature to help you check the historical ranking positions of keywords and compare them with the time period when there is a peak SERP volatility in SERP.

Rank Math Google Updates

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