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Google may have rolled out another unconfirmed update to its search ranking algorithm. The update began on February 8, 2023, and lasted until February 9, 2023, just a few days after another unconfirmed update on February 4, 2023.

Several ranking tools have captured SERP fluctuations, and SEO experts have reported significant traffic movements across various industries.

What People Are Saying

Several SEOs have resorted to Twitter to share their thoughts regarding the update. Here’s what Glenn Gabe has to say. 

And here’s what Barry Schwartz shared on Twitter.

What’s Next – Dealing With This Update

Google has not announced the rollout of any search ranking algorithm update, and there are no guidelines about the update.

If you’re seeing fluctuations in your traffic, we recommend going through Rank Math’s Analytics. You can take a close look at the pages that have been affected and improve content quality by ensuring that it’s super relevant, helpful, and well-written.

Moreover, you can check for technical issues such as; broken links, slow loading speeds, and other problems that could hurt your SEO.

You can also use Rank Math’s historical performance data and Google updates timeline to examine your site’s performance.

For more guidance, watch the video below.

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