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50+ Unique Things You Can Only Do With Rank Math SEO

We’re often asked – “what makes Rank Math that much better than the competition?” – and the truth is, that’s a loaded question. Of course, we’re biased because anyone asking us is asking the team that’s dedicated to building the greatest technical & on-site SEO experience for hundreds of thousands of WordPress users.

So, we decided to put together a single post that we can reference whenever we’re asked – without further ado, let’s dive right into what objectively sets the Rank Math WordPress SEO plugin apart from the competition & the features you’ll love when switching over.

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Divi SEO – Building SEO-friendly Websites Visually

When Elegant Themes first launched Divi – they really set the stage as one of (if not the) very first visual page builder that lets you edit your content as you see it.

And it’s really no surprise that website owners across the world still love using it to build sites.

Divi is great at what it was built for, building beautiful websites visually.

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How to Make Google Analytics GDPR-Compliant (No Consent Required)

Google Analytics is an incredibly powerful analytics tracking tool at the heart of being able to evaluate marketing data and making decisions based on what’s working to improve SEO performance over time.

However, the introduction of the GDPR in May of 2018 imposed a number of restrictions on the extent to which data can be collected and processed without consent – significantly affecting Google Analytics tracking data.

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How to Get Bing to Index Your Content Instantly

Getting your content indexed on search engines like Google and Bing is the first step towards driving organic traffic from search engines.

But when content isn’t properly indexed, let alone indexed at all. It can’t rank. And if it never ranks, it’ll never drive organic traffic from search.

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