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What is 200 (OK) Response Code?

The 200 OK response code is an HTTP status response code that indicates your request was successful. However, the meaning of ‘successful’ differs depending on the type of HTTP request method used. 

  • GET: This indicates the requested resource has been fetched and is included in the response body
  • HEAD: This shows the resource headers are included in the response. However, the resource body is not included
  • POST: This indicates the resource has been created or updated because you sent a request
  • TRACE: This response contains the request received by the server

The 200 (OK) response code belongs to the 2xx series of response codes:

  • 2 indicates the server successfully processed the request and is sending a ‘successful’ response to the client
  • xx is replaced with two numbers depending on the outcome or status of the HTTP request
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