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How to Enhance SEO for a Multilingual Site With Rank Math & Weglot

You might be surprised to learn that English speakers make up just 53% of all people on the web. This means if you’re not optimizing your multilingual website, there’s a whole 47% of potential customers your business is currently unable to target.

To ensure you don’t miss out on such growth opportunities, website translation is one of the quickest ways to reach potential customers in new markets – even faster if you use translation plugin Weglot on your WordPress site. 

And, the best part? The Weglot WordPress plugin works seamlessly with Rank Math SEO – making it even easier to optimize the content of your multilingual WordPress site. 

Together, Rank Math SEO and Weglot make it easy to customize, optimize, translate & display all of your website’s content to increase your chances of ranking regardless of the language(s) you choose to translate your site into. 

Let’s look at how you can utilize Rank Math SEO and Weglot for the ultimate combination of translation and a higher ranking on search engines. 

1 Getting Started

To begin, you’ll need to make sure you’ve downloaded the latest versions of both Rank Math SEO and Weglot. 

You can install them both from WordPress Dashboard Plugins → Add New section.

Then activate it from the same page.

Go back into WordPress Dashboard → Plugins → Add New to add Weglot.
Once you’ve found Weglot, install the plugin by clicking Install Now. Once installed, click on Activate to activate the plugin.

Once you’ve installed and activated the plugin properly, you should have a new Weglot tab on the sidebar menu of your admin dashboard. 

Weglot Admin Sidebar

Click on it to finalize your configuration.

Enter your languages and API key

Here, you’ll be able to enter the unique API key—available on your Weglot account dashboard (you’ll have to create an account to get access to this).

Once you’ve registered your account on Weglot, you’ll have the option to select the original language of your WordPress site—the one you created the site in—then, the language(s) into which you’d like to translate your site.

weglot main configuration

Click on Save Changes when you’re all done.

You now have a fully translated site in less than 5 minutes! No coding, no developer time needed, just a couple of clicks, and it’s finished! 

You’ll then be able to see your newly translated website with a language switcher added to your site: 

multilingual website demo

Your language switcher is completely customizable. You can change the design from Weglot tab → Language button design (Optional) and make some adjustments here:

language button design

For a more in-depth look, you can check out this article!

2 WordPress Multilingual SEO

Translating Post Metadata

With Weglot, your meta title and meta description are already automatically translated. But, like all automatic translations created by Weglot, everything is editable within your Weglot dashboard. 

You can edit both the meta title and meta description of your original website from a specific page or post, where you’ll find the Rank Math SEO interface as shown below. 

Rank Math SEO Metabox

If you want to change the translated version of any part of your metadata, copy and paste it into your Weglot translations dashboard search. Here you’ll find the translated version. You can then edit it to include keywords for that new target language. 

weglot dashboard

Translating Image Alt Text

Like the previously mentioned meta titles and meta descriptions, Weglot also automatically translates your alt image text – an important aspect not to forget with multilingual SEO. 

Image Al Tex translation

Again, if you would like to edit this, it’s completely possible by searching within your Weglot translations dashboard:  

Media Translation

Creating Unique URLs for Alternate Languages

When you use Weglot as your translation solution, you’ll automatically get translated URLs in all your new languages, so you can be sure you’ll actually appear in search engines: 


3 Conclusion 

The beauty of Weglot means there are no fiddly behind the scenes actions you’ll need to take to translate your website. The simple setup means you’ll have a translated website in just 5 minutes. 

You can access your Weglot dashboard and manage all your translations in one place. And, if you wish, you can also fine-tune your automated translations by ordering human translations through your Weglot interface. 

Rank Math SEO and Weglot are both fully automated plugins, meaning there are really minimal steps you’ll need to take to have a completely translated website that’s fully SEO optimized. 

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