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Why You Shouldn’t Duplicate Posts/Pages

In this knowledgebase article, we’re going to discuss why you shouldn’t duplicate posts/pages.

What Happens If You Duplicate Posts/Pages in Rank Math

Rank Math automatically generates a unique ID whenever you add Schema Markup (structured data). If you want to learn more about adding structured data to your content – we have a detailed guide all about configuring Schema Markup. Although duplicating posts or pages can be helpful to speed up your workflow, when you have existing Schema Markup on the page you’re duplicating, it will result in an error.

This is because we use Schema shortcode internally to insert a particular Schema in the content. Duplicating the post will also duplicate the shortcode. In simple terms, the old post’s Schema will be displayed on the new post when “above content,” “below content,” or “custom shortcode” is used to display the information of the Schema.

How to Fix Duplicate Posts/Pages Issue

You can fix this by removing the particular Schema you want to insert into the frontend and adding it again using the Schema Generator.

If you’re not concerned about adding structured data to your website, feel free to reach out to our support team.

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